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Benefits of SillyDog701 Sidebar:
* You will receive latest updated information and developments from Sidebar.
* Keep informed of latest version of Netscape and any specials from Netscape Browser Archive.
* Abaility to access latest topics from our message board.

To add SillyDog701 to My Sidebar, simply click following image.

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Please note:
* You will need to enable JavaScript in your Netscape for adding My Sidebar to work.
* SillyDog701 Sidebar only works in Netscape 6/7 and Mozilla.
* If you are using Netscape 7.0+ Streamline series obtained from SillyDog701 and you create a new profile by it, you don't need to add this sidebar. It is included by default (only apply to new profile users).

Benefits of SillyDog701 Sidebar:
* You will receive updated information and latest developments about SillyDog701.
* You can check the latest version of Netscape directory from SillyDog701 without going to SillyDog701 Netscape Browser Archive.
new Abaility to access latest topics from SillyDog701 Message Centre through SillyDog701 Sidebar.

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