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14 Dec, 2003

The 2003 End of Year Online Chat did go on successfully, although no decision were made regarding rules in the forums, new SillyDog701 and new section - MozInfo701 were born.

Not many people joined. We have Mandrake, Profman, DJGM, Ramona, Edward, Wellander, Josh, Andrew T., WolfeDen3 and myself were there. Plus Al who showed up in the wrong channel that made the total of 11 people, our record high.

We started with Antony telling the history of SillyDog701. Then mentioned on what has happened this year, a lot of things, then the future plans. (I think I should write an article titled, SillyDog701 - Past, Present, and Future.) SillyDog701 did grow over those years, as well as the evolution of Netscape Browser Archive.

Then Antony revealed the future plan for SillyDog701, which is a whole new section now called MozInfo701, we discussed a bit then I show them this blog. Also, AntBlog701 - Antony's personal weblog. Of course I mentioned following slogan

Shortly, Antony's backdated entry - TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN - became a new topic. I told them exactly what happened.

Then we moved on to Wellander's 27 computers and the design of MozInfo701. We finially came out the name MozInfo701.

Thanks to those who joined our online chat. The new SillyDog701 was born at end of the chat.
Presenting the new SillyDog701. Not just another makeover, but more informative and easier to navigate, plus new structure.
Also, introducing MozInfo701, Mozilla Info Centre from SillyDog701.

Posted by Antony at December 14, 2003 11:30 PM
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