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12 Mar, 2004

According to this C|net report, Microsoft is sending free copies of its flagship products to US government employees. The gifts have street value of USD500 per copy.

This is a very unethical behaviour. Why's Microsoft sending away its flagship products for free? To selected high-influential customers, I have to add. Microsoft is giving away its flagship products after many governments are looking at open-source alternatives, not always free, but at a significant reduction of license spending. What is the main reason behind giving away Office product to government employees? One can easily conclude that employees will be more familiar with Microsoft's products hence reluctant to switch to alternative products. This is indirectly ensuring government departments will keep using Microsoft's Office as the standard application.

> read the full story Army to Gates: Halt the free software (C|net, 10th March 2004)

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Posted by Antony at March 12, 2004 8:07 PM
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