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24 Mar, 2004

Entering special character or accented character is very easy with a Mac.

press the option key

press the option and shift keys

Above screenshots are based on International US keyboard, there may be some variations across different region. For example, UK keyboard has £ default in Shift + 3.

The option key is the key between control and command (‘cmd’ NOT ‘apple’ key) keys.

Letter with a specific diacritical mark.
Grave accent (`): Option + `, then the letter
Acute accent (´): Option + e, then the letter
Circumflex accent (ˆ): Option + i, then the letter
Tilde accent (˜): Option + n, then the letter
Umlaut accent (¨): Option + u, then the letter
The letter “c” with a cedilla (ç): Option + c.

Posted by Antony at March 24, 2004 4:06 PM
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