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26 Mar, 2004

A new desktop revolution from Sun Microsystems. They are making one not just translucent, but 3D. And it's based on Sun's very own Java technology!

According to Sun...

Project Looking Glass is being created to work with the Solaris and Linux desktop environments using Java technology. When completed, it will work alongside applications designed for a 2D window system, without application modifications.

We know Apple's Macintosh :mac: defined graphic user interface (although it wasn't the first GUI available), and Apple once again changed the fashion of desktop interface with the release of Mac OS X :X:, Aqua interface. Everyone in Windows world and Linux world is copying the Aqua style and usage of translucent.

The success of Mac OS X is not just the gook look interface, but really easy to use and the OS X itself is based on UNIX. The strength of UNIX and the easiest use to operating system based on UNIX. Sun's Solaris is another flavour of UNIX, now Sun is following Apple to change it's interface.

> Project Looking Glass (Sun)
> Sun Wants to Make Linux 3D (LinuxPlanet)

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Posted by Antony at March 26, 2004 7:01 AM
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