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10 Apr, 2004

SillyDog701 is proud to provide a friendly community for our users. Over past 7 years, SillyDog701 has grown from a relatively unknown website to one of the most important Netscape-related websites.

The Netscape Browser Archive was previously the main section of SillyDog701, but still is one of SillyDog701's main sections. Three years ago, Netscape Browser Archive created the popular Streamline series of Netscape of the Netscape browsers. Netscape Streamline from SD701 helped a number of internet users getting the best Netscape browser, without any of the junk. It became a popular option, especially for dial-up users.

The SillyDog701 Message Centre is now the heart of SillyDog701. Since the starting of the Netscape Browser Archive in 1999, there has been a message board for all discussions and support. Two years ago, the message board software was upgraded, - Since then, SillyDog701 is becoming more popular day by day.

This July will be the Netscape Browser Archive's fifth anniversary. Over these years, a few versions of Netscape were released, but with quite a few disappointments (particularly with the early Netscape 6). Although the market share of Netscape has decreased considerably, we are still here and we are growing!

This April, we have upgraded to a faster datacentre and better hardware. We want you to have a faster, better and enjoyable experience with SillyDog701.

SillyDog701 has changed a lot over those years, a detailed look back will be made available later. SillyDog701 has grown without support from the Unofficial FAQ of Netscape, Netscape Campaigns, Mozilla Campaigns, Mozilla Foundation, or MozillaZine.

Finally, SillyDog701 would like to thank you for your support. SillyDog701 will work harder to provide a better community, and richer database.

Stay tuned for our exciting fifth anniversary of Netscape Browser Archive.

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Posted by Antony at April 10, 2004 7:01 AM
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