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3 Jun, 2004

The break news of the technology section of The Sydney Morning Herald today said...

Microsoft has been granted a patent on the double-click by the US Patents and Trademark Office. The patent, number 6,727,830, was granted on April 27.

An abstract of the application says: "A method and system are provided for extending the functionality of application buttons on a limited resource computing device. Alternative application functions are launched based on the length of time an application button is pressed. A default function for an application is launched if the button is pressed for a short, i.e., normal, period of time.

Microsoft has the patent of "double-click".

And Microsoft is about to charge the usage of FAT (file system).

Microsoft has learnt a lesson from SCO on how to make additional income? Even Microsoft is already the world's largest software company.

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The Sydney Morning Herald
Microsoft owns double-click
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Posted by Antony at June 3, 2004 2:42 PM
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