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21 December, 2003

Who is the fairest of them all?

"Magic mirror on the wall, tell me who is the fairest of them all." - Snow White and Seven Dwarfs premiered on this day 66 years ago (21st December 1937).

The dwarfs have names: Doc, Sleepy, Bashful, Happy, Dopey, Sneezy and Grumpy. And, Antony has a 35 inch tall Grumpy!

Read more about Snow White and Seven Dwarfs in SillyDog701's History of Today.

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19 December, 2003

Camino 0.8 in March 2004

The leader of Camino development Mike Pinkerton wrote a roadmap for Camino 0.8.

Camino 0.8 will be ship on March 2004. That would make one year between current stable Camino 0.7.

more detail

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16 December, 2003

New book for Mozilla

A new Mozilla manual from is now available.
Introduction to Mozilla - A Manual for First Time Users
The completed version 1.0 is now available in PDF format and source code in StarOffice format.

This manual is intended for Mozilla end-users who have already had Mozilla installed and configured for them. The manual is based on Mozilla 1.5, and will be produced in PDF format for printing, or for posting to an intranet.

See also:
more info - MozInfo701

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Netscape 7.1 Streamline Japanese

The long awaiting Netscape 7.1 Streamline Japanese is now available.

Special thanks to Joji Ikeda for his suggestions, translation and testing.

Netscape 7.1 Streamline Japanese - the page is in Japanese, of course.

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15 December, 2003

Introducing MozInfo701

MozInfo701 - Mozilla Information Centre from SillyDog701. A new Mozilla section from SillyDog701.

SillyDog701 is slightly adjusted its focus from Netscape to Mozilla. We are not dropping Netscape, but we do feel a new focus on Mozilla is needed for the future.

Presenting the new SillyDog701 not just another new look, but more contents, faster loading, easier navigating, and new structure.

MozInfo701 - Mozilla Information Centre from SillyDog701. A whole new Mozilla advocacy from SillyDog701. A whole new focus from SillyDog701 after 4.5 years of Netscape Browser Archive. We will not just show you the latest news related to Mozilla but will also bring you good articles and good guides.

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14 December, 2003

Minutes of End of 2003 Online Chat.

The 2003 End of Year Online Chat did go on successfully, although no decision were made regarding rules in the forums, new SillyDog701 and new section - MozInfo701 were born.

Not many people joined. We have Mandrake, Profman, DJGM, Ramona, Edward, Wellander, Josh, Andrew T., WolfeDen3 and myself were there. Plus Al who showed up in the wrong channel that made the total of 11 people, our record high.

We started with Antony telling the history of SillyDog701. Then mentioned on what has happened this year, a lot of things, then the future plans. (I think I should write an article titled, SillyDog701 - Past, Present, and Future.) SillyDog701 did grow over those years, as well as the evolution of Netscape Browser Archive.

Then Antony revealed the future plan for SillyDog701, which is a whole new section now called MozInfo701, we discussed a bit then I show them this blog. Also, AntBlog701 - Antony's personal weblog. Of course I mentioned following slogan

Shortly, Antony's backdated entry - TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN - became a new topic. I told them exactly what happened.

Then we moved on to Wellander's 27 computers and the design of MozInfo701. We finially came out the name MozInfo701.

Thanks to those who joined our online chat. The new SillyDog701 was born at end of the chat.
Presenting the new SillyDog701. Not just another makeover, but more informative and easier to navigate, plus new structure.
Also, introducing MozInfo701, Mozilla Info Centre from SillyDog701.

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12 December, 2003

Forums with new Christmas theme

We are pleased to announce the new Christmas Theme is now available for SillyDog701 Message Centre. With special thanks to Tim Wolfe for providing ideas and suggestions.

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11 December, 2003

AOL axes remaining Netscapers

MozillaZine and Ben Goodger reported that AOL laid off a few hundred people in California (Mountain View, San Francisco, San Diego) on Tuesday. Some of them were former Netscape engineers who had been reassigned to work elsewhere within AOL.

July this year, AOL dismissed Netscape developing department, and pulled the help to Mozilla Organisation.

Well, what a sad news.

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10 December, 2003

Mozilla 1.6b

Mozilla 1.6 Beta is now available.

What's new:
New Features and Fixes

* Mozilla 1.6 Beta includes a new cross-platform NTLM authentication mechanism. This feature brings NTLM authentication to the non-Windows Mozilla users for the first time and also delivers more robust and featureful NTLM support to users of older Windows versions.
* Developers fixed several security-related bugs in 1.6 Beta.
* "Translate Page" functionality has returned to this release of Mozilla.
* Chatzilla 0.9.48 has been merged, which adds RPL_ISUPPORT support, halfop mode support, and properly masks key and password dialogs.
* Many crash bugs were fixed in Beta.

Join our discussion - Mozilla 1.6 Beta Released

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6 December, 2003

End of Year Online Chat

13th/14th Dec 2003 will be the date for our End of Year Online Chat.

Year 2003 is near its end, there were quite a number of things happened during this year relating to SillyDog701. Again, SillyDog701 survived for another year since our last End of Year Chat (2002), and I would like to say thank you to all of you.

Everybody is welcome.

Date and time:
The online chat will start on
11:01am (AEDST) Sun 14th Dec
8:01am (GMT+8) Sun 14th Dec
0:01am (GMT) Sun 14th Dec
7:01pm (GMT-5, EST) Sat 13th Dec

port: 6667
channel: #sillydog701

We welcome everybody to join our online chat at scheduled time.

(more detail)

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2 December, 2003

3.3 million hits

SillyDog701 received 3.3 million hits in November 2003. We have record high of 3,309,303 total hits, 687,108 page views. That was 17% increase in total hits and 18% increase in page views compared to previous month.

Again, we are growing!

We are not just interested to have increase in our traffic, as always, we are trying to improve the entire website.

Link: SillyDog701 Traffic Report

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1 December, 2003

Lord of the Rings, Part III premiere tonight

The Lord of the Rings - The Return of The King premiere tonight in Wellington, New Zealand.

The Lord of the Rings was filmed on location in New Zealand, the Return of the King is a multi-layered tale of the Hobbit Frodo and his bid to save the world by destroying a golden ring with magical powers.

Devotees of the film trilogy, based on J.R.R Tolkien's series of novels completed in 1955, spent thousands of dollars getting to New Zealand for the premiere and the opportunity to see the film before it opens elsewhere in the world.


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Today is 1st of December, the first day of the last month of the year. Time goes by too fast. 2003 is about to end.
Okay, back to tpic, I have a few things to do.
1. write up an End of Year Review for SillyDog701
2. organise the End of Year Online Chat.
(Okay, the date has been decided, but need to send out emails to remind everybody)
3. Get this Blog system up.
4. Finish the Streamline 7.1 Japanese.
5. Put up the traffic, I know someone will remind me.
6. A whole new look for SillyDog701.

About this Movable Type, so far it is working fine for me.
But what am I going to use it for?
Start my blogging? or make it as a news system for SillyDog701?

And how am I going to integrate with rest of SillyDog701? Put it into front door ( )

The Netscape 7.1 Streamline Japanese. Yes, I promised Joji to get together the reminding English for translation. I've been lazy. My fault.
Currently, the Streamline 7.1 Japanese is working, but the installation dialogue and the downloading/information page are mixed with English and Japanese. It was because I wanted to add some more information, but I don't speak English.

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