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26 January, 2004

Bill Gates will soon be Bill Gates KBE

KBE stands for Knight Commander of the British Empire.

Britain will give an honorary knighthood to Microsoft Corp. co-founder and chairman Bill Gates in recognition of his contribution to enterprise in Britain, the government says. Because he is not a British citizen, he cannot use "Sir" in front of his name.

> Gates 'delighted' at knighthood, CNN report 26 Jan 2004.

> discussion thread (SD701 Forums).

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24 January, 2004 is now owned by Microsoft

Sadly is now owned by Microsoft.

The original MikeRoweSoftDesign is now MikeRoweForums

Rowe will receive reimbursement for out of pocket costs.

That's a bit too cheap, I'd say. Poor boy, got rubbed by a giant company.

> Read more about this issue.

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21 January, 2004

Microsoft backpedals on MikeRoweSoft threats

Microsoft has admitted it took things 'too seriously' when its lawyers threatened a 17-year-old student called Mike Rowe over his domain name.

So, Microsoft admitted it after the case received widespread coverage (a.k.a. bad publicity) on the Internet. Microsoft still demands the domain name.

News article: ZDNet and

The Register has a good report on this, Microsoft prepares Mike Rowe legal exit:
Microsoft has started making the first sounds about extricating itself from the brouhaha surrounding its legal threats against 17-year-old student Mike Rowe and his domain.

The Beast of Redmond crossed the line when it sent in its lawyers over the site Mike uses to display his Web design talents, claiming that it infringed the company's trademark. It even went to the trouble of playing out the classic sting where it offered a low amount of money in order to get the owner to ask a higher amount and so "prove" his bad faith with regard to the domain.

However, following a huge amount of negative press coverage across the world, Microsoft is now telling reporters that it may have taken the case "too seriously" after all. Microsoft takes its trademarks very seriously, we are told, and the official line is: "We are currently in the process of resolving this matter in a way that will be fair to him [Mike Rowe] and satisfy our obligations under trademark law."

Why that does not exist here is that MikeRoweSoft is not a misuse of the trademark Microsoft, it is merely a man's name - Mike Rowe - with Soft put on the end, amounting to a phonetic approximation of a different word.

It won't be the first time that Microsoft, or any other big company, has backed down in the face of press hostility only to relaunch its efforts once the fuss has died down.

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20 January, 2004

Microsoft will only pay USD10 for MikeRoweSoft, but also sues the owner

A 17-year-old student and a web designer named Mike Rowe created a website called MikeRoweSoft Design, (Domain name Microsoft said they owned it.

> More about the big lawyers from the giant software company

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18 January, 2004

Forums not working

SillyDog701 Message Centre (Forums) is currently not working.

It appears to be a problem with MySQL server. SillyDog701 is working on this.

SillyDog701 apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Please check the Message Centre later.

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17 January, 2004

Popeye is 75 year-old.

Well, blow me down..
The squinty-eyed, spinach-snarfing, pipe-smoking sailor first swaggered into the newspapers — and America's hearts — on Jan. 17, 1929.
Popeye first appeared in ink January 17, 1929, in the "Thimble Theatre" comic strip created by Chester native Elzie Segar.

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9 January, 2004

Exposé in Windows

Apple Computers invested many resources to innovate the Exposé, and it is the hottest feature of Panther. People are using it crazy(*).

There is one company made Exposé possible in Windows, called WinExposé. Available at for USD 9.95.
The problem, they refuse the idea was from Apple. They stole the idea from Apple basically.

(*) Reported by Steve Jobs in MWSF 2004.

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7 January, 2004

1984 won't be 1984

The new 1984 TV ads now officially from Apple.

Of course, retouched, better sound... and guess what? Ms. Anya Major now wears an iPod in the ad.

Enjoy the new Ad.

Also, the original 1984 TV ads.

We have a topic on 1984, 20 years on in our forums.

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