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23 June, 2004

Netscape, Mozilla and SillyDog701

A new article written by Antony, Netscape, Mozilla and SillyDog701 - The relationship between Netscape and Mozilla, and the role of SillyDog701.
The new article provides a quick guide, and a historical perspective about story of Netscape and the relationship with Mozilla. Also how SillyDog701 is involved.

> Read the article: The Relationship between Netscape, Mozilla and SillyDog701 - a quick guide and a historical perspective.

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13 June, 2004

another Exposé like app for Win XP?

Earlier, I reported one Exposé thief called WinExposé, later renamed to WinPlosion.

Now, there's another application from New Zealand called Entblöß (Entbloess), it does similar function as Exposé for Windows XP.

> more detail at MacCentre701.
> join our discussion at SillyDog701 Message Centre.

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11 June, 2004

new tags for Message Centre

ss_sdmc_n02.jpgBesides the small additions, Antony coded two new BBCode himself! New BBCodes to help people creating links to other threads or posts within the Message Centre, and differentiate them.

For more details about the new BBCode, please check this BBCode information thread.

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10 June, 2004

iTunes 4.6

iTunes 4.6 is now available for Mac OS X and Windows 2000 and XP.

As expected when Apple announced AirPort Express (base station), iTunes 4.6 features AirTunes.

iTunes 4.6 is available from
Software Update from your Apple menu.

> for more information
> discuss iTuens 4.6 with us.

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new water cooled dual 2.5GHz G5

Apple has just announced a water-cooled 2.5GHz PowerMac G5 available from the online store right now.

Dual 2.5GHz PowerPC G5 new
1.25GHz frontside bus/processor new
Water Cooling new
512K L2 cache/processor
512MB DDR400 SDRAM, expandable to 8GB SDRAM
160GB Serial ATA, up to 500GB Serial ATA
8x SuperDrive new
Three PCI-X Slots
ATI Radeon 9600 XT new
128MB DDR video memory new
56K internal modem

Also available are the Dual 1.8GHz and the Dual 2GHz models. All the details can be found in the Apple PowerMac G5 page.

> More detail is available on water cooled dual 2.5GHz G5 page.

> Join our new PowerMac G5 discussion.

(Based on AppleTalkAU news article, used with permission.)

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8 June, 2004

AirPort Express with AirTunes

Another small surprise from apple, AirPort Express is a small Airport basestation with 10/100 LAN port, USB, and for AirTunes Support; A built-in 3.5mm audio out jack.

AirPort ExpressThe AirPort Express Base Station looks much like a powerbook's power adaptor, plugging directly into a wall socket and sharing hardwired network access and USB printing via 802.11g wireless. The kicker? AirPort Express can also accept streaming audio from any AirPort equipped mac via iTunes. The 3.5mm audio jack can be connected to powered speakers or a stereo system nearby, and with multiple AirPort Express stations in a home, allow a single mac to stream iTunes audio to each connected stereo. If you already have an AirPort Extreme Base station, Airport Express can be used to extend the range of your wireless network.

AirPort Express Base Station

Airport Express will be available in mid-July, and sells for $129US. :-( A separate Monster cable connection kit which includes a Monster mini-to-RCA left/right audio cable and a Monster mini-to-optical digital Toslink audio cable is also available for $39US

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(Based on news article from AppleTalkAU, used with permission.)

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security update 7th June 2004

Immediately following Security Update 2004-05-24 and the recent 10.3.4 Panther upgrade, Apple have released another update, Security Update 2004-06-07. This version continues fixes related to the flurry of security problems found relating to URL handlers last month, with the following fixes:

  • Launch Services - Restricts custom URL handlers to only applications that have already explicitly been run, avoiding the possibility of an automatic insertion of a new URL handler at attack time.
  • disk:// handlers have been removed from the system
  • "Show in finder" in Safari now works correctly, and will not open/execute downloads
  • telnet:// handlers now work correctly. Specifying an alternate port number was disabled when Security Update 2004-05-24 fixed other telnet:// problems.

A separate version for Jaguar users is available Security Update 2004-06-07 for Jaguar, or run Software Update.

> More information

(Based on AppleTalkAU, used with permission.)

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3 June, 2004

Microsoft owns "double-click"

The break news of the technology section of The Sydney Morning Herald today said...

Microsoft has been granted a patent on the double-click by the US Patents and Trademark Office. The patent, number 6,727,830, was granted on April 27.

An abstract of the application says: "A method and system are provided for extending the functionality of application buttons on a limited resource computing device. Alternative application functions are launched based on the length of time an application button is pressed. A default function for an application is launched if the button is pressed for a short, i.e., normal, period of time.

Microsoft has the patent of "double-click".

And Microsoft is about to charge the usage of FAT (file system).

Microsoft has learnt a lesson from SCO on how to make additional income? Even Microsoft is already the world's largest software company.

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The Sydney Morning Herald
Microsoft owns double-click
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