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25 November, 2004

Thanksgiving Day (2004)

SillyDog701 thanks everybody's support on helping SillyDog701 improve.

Thanksgiving Day, Thank You from SillyDog701.

SillyDog701 has much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving Day. Our website has once again one of the best Netscape supporting sites around. Our focus remains on Netscape and Mozilla browsers, and we have expanded. We successfully launched MozInfo701, Mozilla resource and information centre, and our very unique Switch Guide.

I would like to thank all SillyDog701 members for your support over the past year. You've done a good job with helping SillyDog701 improvie. I would also like to thank SillyDog701 Moderators, MozInfo701 editors, and, especially, the Switch Champion Team: without your help, SillyDog701 won’t have today's achievement.

SillyDog701 has come very far in the past year. Once again, I'd like to thank everyone that made this possible. SillyDog701 strives to provide all our members the best technical support and the friendliest community we can. Have a great Thanksgiving Day.

Antony Shen.

Thanksgiving Day, Thank You from SillyDog701.

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24 November, 2004

Web Design and Page Coding

SillyDog701 has opened a new subforum, "Web Design and Page Coding". If you have any queries about how to make your web pages look good in all browsers, and need some special effects, it's the place to ask.

> Web Design and Page Coding, the new sub-forum in SillyDog701 Message Centre.

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20 November, 2004

Apple Store Regent St (London) opens

Apple Store Regent St opens today at 10AM local time. The queue was started two days earlier before the opening...

> continue reading our report of "Apple Store Regent St" (MacCentre701).

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17 November, 2004

official response to banning SillyDog701

SillyDog701 been a great Netscape user supporting website since 1999 starting with Netscape Browser Archive. Recently, SillyDog701 expanded the Netscape related support to MozInfo701 and Switch Project. The owner of SillyDog701, Antony Shen, noticed that he was banned from accessing this morning. bans SillyDog701 continued
Antony received following message when he tried to access
403 Forbidden message on UFAQ
After a few confirmation, he was confirmed that he was banned.
An official response is made on 10:25AM (AEDST) 17th November 2004. (newsgroup reference link)

SillyDog701 ( ) has been a great Netscape user supporting website since 1999 starting with Netscape Browser Archive ( ). Recently, SillyDog701 expanded the Netscape related support to MozInfo701 ( )and Switch Project ( ).

It is a shame that they are locking out another Netscape supporting website, SillyDog701. Instead of uniting Netscape supporting sites, they opt to divide and making enemies.

It's been confirmed that my IP address has been banned by

As usual, SillyDog701 has never banned anyone from accessing SillyDog701 and retrieve information from SillyDog701.

However, this incident showed the ridiculous actions by And SillyDog701 decided to respond by not banning back in return.

This is an official announcement.

SillyDog701 responded with not banning back in return to their banning.

SillyDog701 is a great Netscape supporting website, and SillyDog701 believes denying any person's access to obtain information is not a wise choice.

SillyDog701 is always trying to build a better community with many other websites. Netscape does not have many users or communities. With only a few major user supporting sites reminding, we shall all work together to make Netscape/Mozilla users. It is really disappointing that some of them chose to compete and cut off the friendship.

SillyDog701 can't control other websites, but as always, SillyDog701 strives to provide a better Netscape/Mozilla community.

> Read more detail at " bans SillyDog701" - SillyDog701 Message Centre.
> About SillyDog701

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8 November, 2004

SillyDog701 releases traffic report

SillyDog701 released September and October's traffic report.

SillyDog701's traffic has been decreased in the last two months after the release of Netscape 7.2 in August. The percentage of Gecko based browsers have once again dropped below the MSIE users. However, we still show a very good sign of Mozilla/Netscape market share. We also noticed the increase of Macintosh platform users.

Link: detailed traffic report of SillyDog701.

SillyDog701 Traffic report in browser percentage:
SillyDog701 in browser percentage view.

Link: detailed traffic report of SillyDog701.

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