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17 April, 2005

SillyDog701 April online chat

We will have an online chat on Saturday the 23rd of April, at 15:01 (3:01 pm) (GMT 0).

The time will be translated to following time zone,
23:01 (11:01 pm) (AWST, GMT+8),
16:01 (4:01 pm) (BST, GMT+1)
11:01 (11:01 am) (EDST, GMT-4)
8:01 (8:01 am) (PDST, GMT-7)

port: 6667
channel: #sillydog701

You will need an IRC client (such as ChatZilla, XChat, or mIRC) to access to the chat room. (ChatZilla 0.9.68a recently released.)

> For more information, please refer to April 2005 online chat (SD701 Message Centre)

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