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22 May, 2005

use Firefox as the only rendering engine for NS8

The new feature of Netscape 8 is the ability to select Firefox or Internet Explorer as the rendering engine on the fly to get the best page rendering result. We know some of us prefer to use Firefox rendering engine exclusively. It is very easy to do so, simply follow the steps listed in our knowledge base - "Use Firefox as the only rendering engine in Netscape 8.

Join our discussion - "Use Firefox as the only rendering engine in Netscape 8" at SillyDog701 Message Centre.

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13 May, 2005

SillyDog701 welcomes Jay Garcia

On behalf of SillyDog701, it is my honour to express our warmest welcome to Mr Jay Garcia, the webmaster of The Unofficial Netscape FAQ, Mr Jay Garcia is a well known person in Netscape newsgroups.

SillyDog701 welcomes Jay Garcia on board, and sincerely hope both SillyDog701 and can together bring Netscape community stronger.

More detail about Mr Jay Garcia in SillyDog701.

(update 19th May 2005)
Mr Jay Garcia is registered as JayGarcia in SillyDog701 Message Centre.
Jay Garcia at SillyDog701
JayGarcia's profile in SillyDog701 Message Centre.

(update 29 August, 2005)
Jay Garcia is a resident of New Orleans, SillyDog701 cares about Jay Garcia's safety

(update 30 August, 2005)
Jay Garcia is a resident of New Orleans is safe.
Jay Garcia (on UFAQ Forums) wrote:

We evacuated to Long View, Texas. Home in New Orleans is questionable, office in Kenner, La is probably gone, dunno yet. But at least we didn't get the full brunt since we're west of New Orleans. Only 15 miles but better than at ground-zero ...


(Hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans)

(update 3 September, 2005)
support victims of Hurricane Katrina

(update 10 September, 2005)
Jay Garcia is a resident of New Orleans is safe.
Jay Garcia (on UFAQ Forums) wrote:

The home in New Orleans is another story. All is well there with no flooding or damage. But we cannot return (legally) for at least another 3 to 4 months. So, we'll make our temporary home at my Kenner office which is a residence to begin with that we converted to an office. Nice little house again .....
(Updates from Mr. Jay Garcia)

(update 23rd October, 2005)
SillyDog701 member JayGarcia was Cautioned for constantly advertising his private forums. He later received a special Good Friend member rank.

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8 May, 2005

SillyDog701 got cybersquatted by UFAQ

It is very sad to report that another Netscape support site, UFAQ (The Unofficial Netscape FAQ, ), is cybersquatting SillyDog701. Instead of uniting resources, they chose to divide Netscape users and worsen friendships. We were shocked and condemn their behaviour.

In the past, has removed all links and references to SillyDog701 from its website and its forums. And SillyDog701 responded by not banning back, not removing any forum messages referring to (SillyDog701's official response and another reference)

SillyDog701's url is Please make sure you type it correctly. Even under such cybersquatting, SillyDog701 will continue to provide a friendly and informative place for all Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox and Mac users.

Please see this thread for more background information.

Join our discussion - cybersquats SillyDog701 at SD701 Message Centre

What have they done?

They remove all links to SillyDog701, and now, they are trying to cybersquat SillyDog701 with following domains, and (A known list at time of writing, the list could be longer.)

Again, SillyDog701's url is Please make sure you type it correctly.

screenshot of

Typing and will show you the same result. SillyDog701's domain has been cybersquatted by

SillyDog701 has been a Netscape resource site since 1999, and is proud to provide a nice and friendly community venue for all Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox, as well as Mac users. Over those years, we've seen the falling of Netscape and coming back of Netscape, SillyDog701 has been here, and acted an important role for supporting Netscape.

Please see this thread for more detail.

Join our discussion - cybersquats SillyDog701 at SD701 Message Centre

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4 May, 2005

H.264 vs other codecs comparison

MacCentre701, a Mac division of SillyDog701, created a video codec comparison page for some popular video codecs used in today's internet movie delivery (delivery codecs).
A 45 second desktop show was captured uncompressed (312MB).

The same movie is then exported to QuickTime 7's exciting H.264 codec, as well as H.263, Sorenson Video 3, MPEG-4 codecs for comparison. Without a doubt, H.264 is a great codec. You can see the details in this page.

See QuickTime codec comparison page for more detail.

A screenshot of the desktop show was captured.

H.264 is also known as MPEG-4 Part 10. H.263 is the standard by ITC for internet video conferencing, Sorenson Video 3 is a popular codec as it delivered clear picture and reasonable small file size. MPEG-4 is a new standard.

See QuickTime codec comparison page for more detail.

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