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24 November, 2005

Thanksgiving 2005

Thanksgiving 2005SillyDog701 would like to thank all our valued members on supporting SillyDog701. We cannot have today's achievement without your support. We are not a giant web site, and we valued your suggestion very much, and we appreciate your participation of our forum.

This Thanksgiving Day, we have a lot to thank...

Happy Thanksgiving (2005), a letter from SillyDog701.

We are also scheduling our next online chat, the last one for this year. let us know your preferred date.

A copy of Thanksgiving letter from SillyDog701

Dear valued SillyDog701 members,

We are always happy when Thanksgiving is approaching, because this wonderful time affords us the opportunity to thank all our valued SillyDog701 members.

This past year has been great to SillyDog701, continued to grow. The highlights of this past year are:
SillyDog701 continued to be one of the major independent support sites providing Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox supports;
SillyDog701’s main section - Netscape Browser Archive - has an updated layout, this new layout features an easier navigation thus providing users more information with fresher new look; also in July this year, we celebrated six years of Netscape Browser Archive. We’ve been around for quite a while, and we are still one of the best Netscape resource sites around.
SillyDog701 and MozInfo701 were redesigned with the easy-to-use, and clean layout.

SillyDog701 never forgets how we started. We started with the help of a free sub-domain and server space provided by Max Kington. Mr Kington asked for no return, and we are glad that we had the opportunity to pass this SillyDog701 tradition to other sites, including Don Luchini’s HardwareHacks 2000.

This past year has been a successful and challenging year for SillyDog701. We didn’t only have good things that we could celebrate, but we also had a few not-so-happy times - we’ve been attacked, accused and threatened. Rest assured, we are standing still, and stronger than ever, we are definitely more experienced. We don't self-claim we are the number 1 independent support site on the planet or the oldest peer supporting site around. We simply strive to provide the best technical support possible, and the friendliest community we can.

We always remind ourselves we cannot have today’s achievement without the support from our valued members. We thank you for your patronage and for allowing us to be of service to you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Antony Shen
SillyDog701 Administrator

P.S. We would also like to thank the affirmation of SillyDog701’s success we received from our good friend. We were so proud that we were the target of someone’s cybersquatting campaign; we know we were the target because we were so good. Thank you.

Screenshot of Thanksgiving 2005 theme for SillyDog701 Message Centre:
screenshot of Thanksgiving 2005

Read that others think about Thanksgiving Day.

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13 November, 2005

SD701 improves feedback system

new feedback systemSillyDog701 would like to hear from you. We understand our website is not error-free, and we always want to provide the best to our users. We also understand that there might be some technical issues that prevent you from contacting us.

In order to make the feedback system easier to use, we've created multiple versions of feedback forms for different situations, including general web site issues, Browser Archive link report, and Message Centre issues.

To help us improving the web site, please post in our friendly Message Centre. We welcome all comments and suggestions.

Screenshot of our new feedback system:
new feedback system

Our new feedback system can be accessed at .

Join our discussion - “new SillyDog701 feedback system.”

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7 November, 2005

October's traffic reaches record high

SillyDog701 released October 2005 traffic result. In October 2005, we have over 5.68 million hits. This is our highest traffic in a recorded month, and it's our fifth time in a row that we had more than 5 million hits in a month. SillyDog701 would like to thank everybody's support.

Again, we don't self-claim we are “the Number 1” independent support site on the planet, and we are not “the oldest” peer support site on the net, we strive to provide the best technical support possible, and the friendliest community we can.

check out the detail of SillyDog701 October 2005 traffic.

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