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19 March, 2006

“Customised Build” section renames to “SD701 DevZone”

SillyDog701's Customised Build section that features development discussions for Netscape Streamline, DJGM Distro, Donzilla and Firescape has been renamed to SD701 DevZone.

We are still focus on the web browsers, but we believe we can expand our section to cover more than just browsers.

SD701 DevZone will be a section for all SillyDog701 members to share programmes/scripts they create, and also a venue for gathering testers and feedback.

For more information, please see this discussion thread at our Message Centre.

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14 March, 2006

reintroducing SD701 Open Directory

Few years ago, SillyDog701's front page featured Open Directory portal. We took it down as we changed our design, and trying to focus our areas. After few years without the Open Directory portal, we are quite happy with it, however, we though it would be nice if I can bring back the Open Directory.

Reintroducing SD701 Open Directory.
Now, with new PHP script and thumbnail support, SD701 Open Directory is located at, and takes live data from Open Directory Project (ODP).

check out our new SD701 Open Directory now!
Join our discussion - “reintroducing SD701 Open Directory” - in SillyDog701 Message Centre

We hope we can provide more services to our valued visitors. If this new SD701 Open Directory turns out successfully, we will upgrade it to local data based version for even faster loading.

A screenshot of our old Open Directory portal:

check out our new SD701 Open Directory now!
Join our discussion - “reintroducing SD701 Open Directory” - in SillyDog701 Message Centre

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9 March, 2006

impressive traffic a new year's start

We have a great news to report, our January 2006 traffic result showed the highest traffic ever. In January 2006, we almost reached 7 million hits (6.97 m). This was nearly 1 million (0.99 m) increase compared to previous month. January 2006 traffic set our new record, and it's our eighth time in a row that we had more than 5 million hits in a month. SillyDog701 would like to thank everybody's support.

Again, we don't self-claim we are “the Number 1” independent support site or “The Premier Support Site On The Internet” on the planet, and we are not “the oldest” peer support site on the net, we strive to provide the best technical support possible, and the friendliest community we can.

check out the detail of SillyDog701 January 2006 traffic.

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1 March, 2006

TypeKey is now required for commenting

typekey_2.gifDue to recent amount of comment spamming. We've decided to implement authentication for comments/talkback. This simply means visitors will need to identify themselves (can still remain anonymity) if they wish to post a comment/talkback.

After some evaluation, we decide to use Six Apart's free authentication server, TypeKey. TypeKey is a free, open system providing users a central identity for posting comments on weblogs and logging into other websites. Unlike WordPress' registration requirement, TypeKey works on thousands of websites: from weblogs to Six Apart’s websites to services made by third parties. If you have a TypePad account, your login can work anywhere that TypeKey is accepted.

Best of all, you can still remain anonymity and use use TypeKey for free.


TypeKey is a free authentication service that lets you sign-in to your favourite websites.
With a TypeKey account, you can

  • verify your identity online and "own your words"
  • let your friends will know it's you
  • use one single account on thousands of sites across the web

Best of all, t's free, quick and easy, and you can still remain anonymous. You just need to supply a valid email address to TypeKey (not to us or other websites).

If you have a TypeKey account, you can Sign

SillyDog701's MozInfo701 and MacCentre701 may follow this authentication requirement.
Learn more about the TypeKey service
Register your free TypeKey now

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