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10 December, 2006

changes in SillyDog701 Message Centre

SDMCAs discussed during End of Year 2006 Online Chat, we decided to split “Mac OS and Linux” subforum into two separate sub-forums. One for Mac and one for Linux. The Mac section is called "Apple and Mac OS" and Linux section is called “Linux and Other OSes”.

We also made some adjustments to our sub-forum names, “Netscape, Mozilla and Firefox” is renamed to “Firefox, SeaMonkey and Netscape” and “Communicator and Earlier NS” is now called “Communicator”.

We also welcome Pedro Saraiva (Pu7o) as our new moderator for Linux and Other OSes forum.

SillyDog701 Message Centre is our free tech support forum, we focus on browser support as well providing a community space for almost any topic. Every member is welcome to chat and participate in our forum.

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8 December, 2006

end of year 2006 online chat

online chatIt's almost time to say goodbye to 2006, SillyDog701 is going to have an End of Year 2006 Online Chat this weekend, 9th/10th December 2006.

Our scheduled time is 0:01 (GMT 0 mid night) 10th December 2006, and at our usual location.

irc: port: 6667 channel: #sillydog701

We welcome everybody to join our online chat at scheduled time.
For more detail, please see this thread.

Which should be translated to:
11:01AM Sydney time (AEST)
9:01 AM Perth time (daylight saving time)
0:01 GMT (mid night) 10th December 2006
7:01 PM EST 9th Dec
4:01 PM PST 9th Dec

irc: port: 6667 channel: #sillydog701

Users wishing to come on the earlier time (15:01 GMT 9th December 2006) are welcome, but might not have many users as 0:01 GMT 10th Dec is our scheduled time.

We welcome everybody to join our online chat at scheduled time.
For more detail, please see this thread.

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5 December, 2006

Microsoft gives away Win XP Virtual PC image

Few months back, we reported Microsoft gave away Microsoft Virtual PC for Windows completely free. SillyDog701 member beanboy89 told us that Microsoft is IE giving away time bombed Virtual PC image containing Internet Explorer 6 and 7 Readiness Toolkit 2.0 on Win XP SP2 (and all fixes through Nov 2006) for web developers.

Included in the VPC image are:

  • Windows XP Professional SP2 high-priority fixes through November 2006
  • Internet Explorer 6.0
  • Internet Explorer 7 Readiness Toolkit 2.0

The free Virtual PC image is designed for web developers who has Internet Explorer 7 installed and allowing them to test on Internet Explorer 6 (under Virtual PC (free)) on a single PC. Please be aware that the image will cease function on 1st April 2007.

download links:
Virtual PC 2004 (for Windows)
Internet Explorer 6 Testing VPC image

For more information, please join our discussion - “Microsoft giving away WinXP Virtual PC image” at SillyDog701 Message Centre.

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