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28 September, 2004

Windows Lite, a stripped-down version coming?

Microsoft said Monday that it is prepared to "put a stripped-down version of Windows on the market if its appeal to suspend a March antitrust ruling that found in favor of the European Union," according to the Associated Press. The...
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13 September, 2004

Microsoft to lock down iPod?

Microsoft says small device like the world's most popular mp3 device, iPod, can be used to steal data, and the next Windows (Longhorn) is working to lock such devices down. SillyDog701 noticed that Microsoft is testing its MSN Music store...
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7 September, 2004

MSN Music to compete with iTunes?

Microsoft joins the music download war. As expected. Earlier, SillyDog701 reported Microsoft joins search engine war, competing with Google, it is still too earlier to call the result. As a Netscape Archive website, SillyDog701 immediately noticed the similarity between the...
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2 September, 2004

Win XP SP2 dissected

SillyDog701 moderator DJGM surprised that Windows XP Service Pack 2 does not actually do much improvement to the security for an average install of Windows XP machine. While we found that there are indeed a few minor improvements worthy of...
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26 August, 2004

Microsoft slammed for misleading Windows vs Linux ad

SillyDog701 member Greg Mitchell told us Microsoft have been criticised by the UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for running a Windows vs Linux advertisement in a magazine claiming that Linux can be up to 10 times more expensive to run...
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14 August, 2004

Windows XP SP2 woes

According to this Windows XP Service Pack 2: Install With Care by CRN and SP2 kills ZoneAlarm Pro 5.1 reported by Don Luchini, Windows XP SP2 is not that good to have, yet. The smoke around the campfire, though, is...
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11 August, 2004

Win XP SP2 available now

Windows XP SP2 is now available for download, Windows XP Service Pack 2 Network Installation Package for IT Professionals and Developers This installation package is intended for IT professionals and developers downloading and installing on multiple computers on a network....
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22 July, 2004

Microsoft pays $20 million for

Microsoft has settled down with Lindows (now called Linspire). The exact terms of the settlement remain confidential, but a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing revealed that Microsoft paid twenty million USD for the Lindows domain. SillyDog701 members might recall...
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3 June, 2004

Microsoft owns "double-click"

Microsoft gains the patent of double-click.

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21 May, 2004

compete with Microsoft? will Google be the next Netscape?

Edward showed me this Will Google be the new Netscape? by Antonio Michaelangelo D'souza. Can you compete with the software giant? We've seen the success of Microsoft, and dominance of Microsoft, and the unavoidable of Windows platform. We know Netscape...
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17 May, 2004

Microsoft is stealing Exposť

In January, I reported one company charge a software called WinExposť for 9.95(USD) (it later renamed to something else.) Exposť is one of the most exciting feature introduced in Mac OS X 10.3 Panther. A while back, I reported Sun's...
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12 March, 2004

free MS Office to government workers?

According to this C|net report, Microsoft is sending free copies of its flagship products to US government employees. The gifts have street value of USD500 per copy. This is a very unethical behaviour. Why's Microsoft sending away its flagship products...
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28 February, 2004

give up rights to sue MS, or you won't be able to pre-install Windows

According to this BBC report, Microsoft has set very unfair contracts that requires companies sign away their right to sue, even if they find Microsoft has used their patent technology. Thanks God, Microsoft is dropping this from contract. SillyDog701 recalls...
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27 February, 2004

Windows XP Reloaded

DJGM brought the news of Windows XP Reloaded to us. According to the source, the new XP Reloaded will be available before Windows Longhorn, and includes a number of updates including XP SP2 + Media Player 10. > Discuss this...
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20 February, 2004

free MS security update CD

Hendikins told me that Microsoft is offering security update CD for free. Free of charge. The CD is only available for Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows 98, and Windows 98 Second Edition (SE). You can get it from...
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18 February, 2004

Lindows is now Lin---s

Guess what? Lindows is now Lin---s (pronounced as Lin-dash). Microsoft has successfully blocked the distribution of this alternative operating system. "By removing 3 letters from our product name, will not be creating any confusion regarding Microsoft's supposed trademark on...
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11 February, 2004

Microsoft does it again! Patch time again.

To Microsoft Windows Fans and Users: Please take note of the vilnerabilities on MS Windows reported on Microsoft Windows Security Bulletin Summary for February 2004 (see summary below:) Another patch this, update that time. Microsoft Windows Security Bulletin Summary for...
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5 February, 2004

get back your money from Microsoft

The settlement applies to people or entities that indirectly purchased Microsoft Windows operating system, MS-DOS operating system, Word, Excel or Office, for use in California, from February 1995 through December 2001. It does not include software designed for use on...
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26 January, 2004

Bill Gates will soon be Bill Gates KBE

Britain will give an honorary knighthood to Bill Gates in recognition of his contribution to enterprise in Britain. Because he is not a British citizen, he cannot use "Sir" in front of his name.

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24 January, 2004 is now owned by Microsoft

Sadly is now owned by Microsoft. The original MikeRoweSoftDesign is now MikeRoweForums Rowe will receive reimbursement for out of pocket costs. That's a bit too cheap, I'd say. Poor boy, got rubbed by a giant company. > Read more...
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21 January, 2004

Microsoft backpedals on MikeRoweSoft threats

Microsoft has admitted it took things 'too seriously' when its lawyers threatened a 17-year-old student called Mike Rowe over his domain name. So, Microsoft admitted it after the case received widespread coverage (a.k.a. bad publicity) on the Internet. Microsoft still...
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20 January, 2004

Microsoft will only pay USD10 for MikeRoweSoft, but also sues the owner

A 17-year-old student and a web designer named Mike Rowe created a website called MikeRoweSoft Design, (Domain name Microsoft said they owned it. > More about the big lawyers from the giant software company...
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3 October, 2003

Microsoft complains about asian countries

According to this Microsoft: Asia not playing fair over OS report, Microsoft is clearly not happy about other countries building their own operating systems. What's wrong with a new operating system? what's wrong with a suitable operating system targeting different...
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