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23 June, 2005

test RealPlayer plugin settings

SillyDog701 Moderator Ramona has a new multimedia plugin testing page for RealPlayer (RealONE Player) users. An embedded, streaming RealPlayer Video media test page, a perfect setting for testing media plugin in real world situation. Ramona is the Webmistress of Netscape,...
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7 June, 2005

you'll find Netscape and Firefox in SillyDog701

In celebrating of Apple's WWDC 2005 (Worldwide Developer Conference), SillyDog701 made an interesting ads similar to a banner used in WWDC 2005. Well, that's true, you will find Netscape browsers at SillyDog701's Netscape Browser Archive. Okay, the banner is a...
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22 May, 2005

use Firefox as the only rendering engine for NS8

The new feature of Netscape 8 is the ability to select Firefox or Internet Explorer as the rendering engine on the fly to get the best page rendering result. We know some of us prefer to use Firefox rendering engine...
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14 February, 2005

getting the latest Netscape

new page for newest Netscape

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23 June, 2004

Netscape, Mozilla and SillyDog701

A new article written by Antony, Netscape, Mozilla and SillyDog701 - The relationship between Netscape and Mozilla, and the role of SillyDog701. The new article provides a quick guide, and a historical perspective about story of Netscape and the relationship...
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30 March, 2004

AOL will make next Netscape 7.x from latest Mozilla

Hendikins brought us the Inquirer news of AOL: New Mozilla-based Netscape 7.x coming shocker Finally, last week, [Fernando Cassia] almost fell off [his] chair when [he] received an official reply: "I am writing you in response to your e-mail to...
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28 February, 2004

Mozilla in Scary Movie 3

Lorraine told me that Mozilla was used in Scary Movie 3. Although they do not use Mac laptop for the movie, but Mozilla is there! The website has pictures taken from the movie. > Mozilla is used in Scary Movie...
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19 December, 2003

Camino 0.8 in March 2004

The leader of Camino development Mike Pinkerton wrote a roadmap for Camino 0.8. Camino 0.8 will be ship on March 2004. That would make one year between current stable Camino 0.7. more detail...
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16 December, 2003

New book for Mozilla

A new Mozilla manual from is now available. Introduction to Mozilla - A Manual for First Time Users The completed version 1.0 is now available in PDF format and source code in StarOffice format. This manual is intended for...
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Netscape 7.1 Streamline Japanese

The long awaiting Netscape 7.1 Streamline Japanese is now available. Special thanks to Joji Ikeda for his suggestions, translation and testing. link: Netscape 7.1 Streamline Japanese - the page is in Japanese, of course....
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11 December, 2003

AOL axes remaining Netscapers

MozillaZine and Ben Goodger reported that AOL laid off a few hundred people in California (Mountain View, San Francisco, San Diego) on Tuesday. Some of them were former Netscape engineers who had been reassigned to work elsewhere within AOL. July...
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10 December, 2003

Mozilla 1.6b

Mozilla 1.6 Beta is now available. What's new: New Features and Fixes * Mozilla 1.6 Beta includes a new cross-platform NTLM authentication mechanism. This feature brings NTLM authentication to the non-Windows Mozilla users for the first time and also delivers...
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