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7 December, 2007

PDF 1.7 is now ISO 32000 standard

Adobe has received ISO approval for PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format) being the new electronic document standard, ISO 32000 (DIS). Already the de facto standard for cross-platform document exchange, it is now officially the standard. Adobe's James King noted that...
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3 September, 2005

support victims of Hurricane Katrina

SillyDog701's good friend and the proprietor of The Unofficial Netscape FAQ (UFAQ), Mr Jay Garcia, who is a resident of New Orleans. We are pleased to report that Mr Garcia has fled to Longview Texas safely in this Hurricane...
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13 May, 2005

SillyDog701 welcomes Jay Garcia

On behalf of SillyDog701, it is my honour to express our warmest welcome to Mr Jay Garcia, the webmaster of The Unofficial Netscape FAQ, Mr Jay Garcia is a well known person in Netscape newsgroups. SillyDog701 welcomes Jay Garcia...
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17 November, 2004

official response to banning SillyDog701 bans Antony Shen, and SillyDog701 issues an official response.

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13 June, 2004

another Exposé like app for Win XP?

Earlier, I reported one Exposé thief called WinExposé, later renamed to WinPlosion. Now, there's another application from New Zealand called Entblöß (Entbloess), it does similar function as Exposé for Windows XP. > more detail at MacCentre701. > join our discussion...
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25 May, 2004

URL spoofing?

Phishing, spoof, phish, URL, address, URI

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26 March, 2004

Project Looking Glass - making Linux 3D!

Linux, 3D, Sun, Java, Looking Glass, GUI

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15 March, 2004

other than MS Office

Few days ago, SillyDog701 mentioned WordPerfect is coming back, now, Sun's StarOffice is growing gaining its market in India's state government offices. India joins Brazil, England, Germany, and Israel in their collective shunning of Microsoft in favour of alternative open...
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24 February, 2004

shutting down an ISP is more efficient

According to Robert Accettura's blog, an "efficient" way FBI used is simply shutting down an ISP, rather than take specific data. FBI has a search warrant for searching one of the IRC network CIT Hosting hosts. All CIT Hosting's clients...
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17 January, 2004

Popeye is 75 year-old.

Well, blow me down.. The squinty-eyed, spinach-snarfing, pipe-smoking sailor first swaggered into the newspapers — and America's hearts — on Jan. 17, 1929. Popeye first appeared in ink January 17, 1929, in the "Thimble Theatre" comic strip created by Chester...
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1 December, 2003

Lord of the Rings, Part III premiere tonight

The Lord of the Rings - The Return of The King premiere tonight in Wellington, New Zealand. The Lord of the Rings was filmed on location in New Zealand, the Return of the King is a multi-layered tale of the...
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December 2003, Christmas is coming!

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19 May, 2003


So what is 'bling-bling'? 'Bling-bling' will soon be entered into the Oxford English Dictionary. 'Bling-bling' is from a hip-hop jargon then a slang. It was coined in 1999 in a song "Bling-Bling" by B.G., it means big showy jewelry. It...
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