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Silly Dog 701 is promised you to give you something different, something special, and a miracle world. Some tips, some useful links, some works you may not have noticed before now can be easily find at Silly Dog 701,

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What's inside of Silly Dog 701?

SD701 Open Directory
Your best guide to the world wide web, powered by the world's best human edited database ( There you can find everything you want and most links are working.
Netscape Communicator Tips
Providing tricks and tips for Netscape Communicator 4.xx
Netscape Browser Archive
Your best resource for downloading Netscape browsers, both the latest and old versions.
Netscape Version Guide
Silly Dog 701's summary of each different major release of Netscape browser and some related news. A resource to find out which Netscape version support which technology.
Book of Mozilla
Read the extracts from the book of Mozilla, all right, that is the chapter from Netscape browser, in other words, Netscape's Easter Eggs.
Netscape NOW! Buttons
A collection of Netscape NOW! buttons, and some related banners.
Internet Explorer and Netscape
A small comparison between Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Message Forum
Silly Dog 701's message forum for all your questions related to Netscape.
Netscape Knowledge Base
Silly Dog 701's collection for common questions relate to Netscape.

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