Chrome 17 released, will preload autocompleted URLs as you t

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Chrome 17 released, will preload autocompleted URLs as you t

Postby James » Thu 09 Feb, 2012 10:30 am

Google has just released Chrome version 17, which brings several minor enhancements to the company's web browser—including a new Web address preloading feature and improved protection against malicious downloads.

The new Chrome introduces a "preemptive rendering" feature that will automatically begin loading and rendering a page in the background while the user is typing the address in the omnibox (the combined address and search text entry field in Chrome's navigation toolbar). The preloading will occur in cases when the top match generated by the omnibox's autocompletion functionality is a site that the user visits frequently.

Read about it here: ... mpaign=rss
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Re: Chrome 17 released, will preload autocompleted URLs as y

Postby Antony » Wed 21 Mar, 2012 9:43 pm

This pre-rendering thing, is like the "pre-loading" the web pages back in the dial-up days, to make an apparent faster page loading.

For the browser market survey, this pre-rendering may cause an inflation to Chrome's market share. Net Applications adjusted its method by excluding pre-rendering counts.

Interesting enough, Chrome made the number browser for 1 day beating Internet Explorer (all versions combined) in Brazil, India and Russia. According to report, Chrome's market share typically rises on weekends and falls during weekdays. Perhaps, most people use Internet Explorer at work.
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