Links to Netscape and Mozilla software release threads

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Links to Netscape and Mozilla software release threads

Postby Andrew T. » Fri 10 Dec, 2004 8:54 pm

This post compiles a collection of discussion threads in SillyDog701 Message Centre for Netscape and Mozilla product releases back to 2001.
It will be maintained whenever new Netscape or Mozilla browsers are released.

:n7light: Netscape

Netscape Communicator 4.77, Netscape Communicator 4.78, Netscape Communicator 4.79, [sdt=166]Netscape Communicator 4.8[/sdt]
Netscape 6.1 PR 1
Netscape 6.1
Netscape 6.2, Netscape 6.2.1, Netscape 6.2.2, Netscape 6.2.3
Netscape 7.0 PR 1
[sdt=226]Netscape 7.0[/sdt] and [sdt=251](Netscape 7.0 Feedback)[/sdt], [sdt=842]Netscape 7.01[/sdt], [sdt=1453]Netscape 7.02[/sdt]
[sdt=2442]Netscape 7.1[/sdt]
[sdt=6753]Netscape 7.2[/sdt]
[sdt=7562]Netscape Browser prototype[/sdt], [sdt=7991]prototype 2[/sdt], [sdt=8332]Netscape 8.0 pre-beta[/sdt], [sdt=8459]Netscape 8.0 beta[/sdt]
[sdt=8955]Netscape 8.0[/sdt], [sdt=8955]Netscape 8.0.1[/sdt], [sdt=9180]Netscape 8.0.2[/sdt], [sdt=9455]Netscape[/sdt], [sdt=9455]Netscape[/sdt], [sdt=10093]Netscape 8.0.4[/sdt]
[sdt=10725]Netscape 8.1[/sdt], [sdt=12131]Netscape 8.1.2[/sdt] (28 Sept 2006), [sdt=13220]Netscape 8.1.3[/sdt] (2 April)

[sdt=14006]Netscape 9[/sdt] (16 October 2007)
[sdt=14057]Netscape[/sdt] (23 October 2007)
[sdt=14090]Netscape[/sdt] (2 September 2007)
[sdt=14096]Netscape[/sdt] (3 September 2007)

:moz: Mozilla application suite

Mozilla 0.9.3, Mozilla 0.9.4, Mozilla 0.9.5, Mozilla 0.9.6, Mozilla 0.9.7, Mozilla 0.9.8, Mozilla 0.9.9
Mozilla 1.0 RC 1, Mozilla 1.0 RC 2, Mozilla 1.0 RC 3
Mozilla 1.0, [sdt=1109]Mozilla 1.0.2[/sdt]
Mozilla 1.1 alpha, [sdt=64]Mozilla 1.1 beta[/sdt]
[sdt=221]Mozilla 1.1[/sdt]
[sdt=332]Mozilla 1.2 alpha[/sdt], [sdt=539]Mozilla 1.2 beta[/sdt]
[sdt=774]Mozilla 1.2[/sdt], [sdt=803]Mozilla 1.2.1[/sdt]
[sdt=884]Mozilla 1.3 alpha[/sdt], [sdt=1418]Mozilla 1.3 beta[/sdt]
[sdt=1664]Mozilla 1.3[/sdt]
[sdt=1819]Mozilla 1.4 alpha[/sdt], [sdt=2100]Mozilla 1.4 beta[/sdt], [sdt=2254]Mozilla 1.4 RC 1[/sdt], [sdt=2381]Mozilla 1.4 RC 2[/sdt], [sdt=2424]Mozilla 1.4 RC 3[/sdt]
[sdt=2469]Mozilla 1.4[/sdt], [sdt=3421]Mozilla 1.4.1[/sdt], [sdt=5625]Mozilla 1.4.2[/sdt]
[sdt=2791]Mozilla 1.5 alpha[/sdt], [sdt=2992]Mozilla 1.5 beta[/sdt], [sdt=3199]Mozilla 1.5 RC 1[/sdt], [sdt=3290]Mozilla 1.5 RC 2[/sdt]
[sdt=3460]Mozilla 1.5[/sdt]
[sdt=3635]Mozilla 1.6 alpha[/sdt], [sdt=4094]Mozilla 1.6 beta[/sdt]
[sdt=4417]Mozilla 1.6[/sdt]
[sdt=4892]Mozilla 1.7 alpha[/sdt], [sdt=5132]Mozilla 1.7 beta[/sdt], [sdt=5451]Mozilla 1.7 RC 1[/sdt], [sdt=5682]Mozilla 1.7 RC 2[/sdt], [sdt=5934]Mozilla 1.7 RC 3[/sdt]
[sdt=6058]Mozilla 1.7[/sdt], [sdt=6307]Mozilla 1.7.1[/sdt], [sdt=6603]Mozilla 1.7.2[/sdt], [sdt=7069]Mozilla 1.7.3[/sdt], [sdt=7824]Mozilla 1.7.5[/sdt], [sdt=8573]Mozilla 1.7.6 RC[/sdt], [sdt=8588]Mozilla 1.7.6[/sdt], [sdt=8757]Mozilla 1.7.7[/sdt], [sdt=8897]Mozilla 1.7.8[/sdt], [sdt=9436]Mozilla 1.7.10[/sdt], [sdt=9510]Mozilla 1.7.11[/sdt], [sdt=9811]Mozilla 1.7.12[/sdt]
[sdt=5728]Mozilla 1.8 alpha 1[/sdt], [sdt=6387]Mozilla 1.8 alpha 2[/sdt], [sdt=6767]Mozilla 1.8 alpha 3[/sdt], [sdt=7198]Mozilla 1.8 alpha 4[/sdt], [sdt=7619]Mozilla 1.8 alpha 5[/sdt], [sdt=8051]Mozilla 1.8 alpha 6[/sdt], [sdt=8419]Mozilla 1.8 beta 1[/sdt]

:sm: SeaMonkey

[sdt=9820]SeaMonkey 1.0 Alpha[/sdt], [sdt=10490]SeaMonkey 1.0 Beta[/sdt]
[sdt=10771]SeaMonkey 1.0[/sdt] (final)

:fx: Mozilla Firefox (Standalone browser)

[sdt=396]Phoenix 0.1[/sdt], [sdt=451]Phoenix 0.2[/sdt], [sdt=527]Phoenix 0.3[/sdt], [sdt=620]Phoenix 0.4[/sdt], [sdt=830]Phoenix 0.5[/sdt]
[sdt=2167]Mozilla Firebird 0.6[/sdt]
[sdt=3460]Mozilla Firebird 0.7[/sdt]
[sdt=4692]Mozilla Firefox 0.8[/sdt]
[sdt=5939]Mozilla Firefox 0.9 RC[/sdt]
[sdt=6018]Mozilla Firefox 0.9[/sdt], [sdt=6201]Mozilla Firefox 0.9.1[/sdt], [sdt=6308]Mozilla Firefox 0.9.2[/sdt], [sdt=6602]Mozilla Firefox 0.9.3[/sdt]
[sdt=7051]Mozilla Firefox 1.0 PR RC[/sdt]
[sdt=7069]Mozilla Firefox 1.0 PR (0.10)[/sdt], [sdt=7225]Mozilla Firefox 1.0 PR (0.10.1)[/sdt]
[sdt=7416]Mozilla Firefox 1.0 RC 1[/sdt], [sdt=7467]Mozilla Firefox 1.0 RC 2[/sdt]
[sdt=7498]Mozilla Firefox 1.0[/sdt], [sdt=8403]Mozilla Firefox 1.0.1[/sdt], [sdt=8556]Mozilla Firefox 1.0.2 RC[/sdt], [sdt=8605]Mozilla Firefox 1.0.2[/sdt], [sdt=8755]Mozilla Firefox 1.0.3[/sdt], [sdt=8898]Mozilla Firefox 1.0.4[/sdt], [sdt=9367]Mozilla Firefox 1.0.5[/sdt], [sdt=9422]Mozilla Firefox 1.0.6[/sdt], [sdt=9811]Firefox 1.0.7[/sdt]
[sdt=9003]Deer Park alpha 1[/sdt], [sdt=9371]Deer Park alpha 2[/sdt]

[sdt=9765]Mozilla Firefox 1.5 Beta 1[/sdt], [sdt=9995]Mozilla Firefox 1.5 Beta 2[/sdt]

[sdt=10152]Mozilla Firefox 1.5 Release Candidate 1[/sdt] (RC1), [sdt=10218]1.5 RC2[/sdt], [sdt=10258]1.5 RC3[/sdt]

[sdt=10323]Mozilla Firefox 1.5[/sdt] (final), [sdt=10786]Mozilla Firefox[/sdt], [sdt=11233]Mozilla Firefox[/sdt], [sdt=11327]Mozilla Firefox[/sdt], [sdt=11477]Mozilla Firefox[/sdt]

[sdt=11696]Mozilla Firefox 2.0 Beta 1[/sdt]

:camino: Camino (Standalone browser for Mac OS X)

[sdt=1595]Camino 0.7[/sdt]
[sdt=5694]Camino 0.8 beta[/sdt], [sdt=6073]Camino 0.8 RC 1[/sdt]
[sdt=6122]Camino 0.8[/sdt], [sdt=6862]Camino 0.8.1[/sdt], [sdt=7465]Camino 0.8.2 RC[/sdt], [sdt=7748]Camino 0.8.2[/sdt], [sdt=8661]Camino 0.8.3[/sdt], [sdt=8829]Camino 0.8.4[/sdt]
[sdt=9215]Camino 0.9 Alpha 1[/sdt], [sdt=9414]Camino 0.9 Alpha 2[/sdt]
[sdt=9812]Camino 1.0 Alpha 1[/sdt]
[sdt=10191]Camino 1.0 Beta 1[/sdt]
[sdt=10799]Camino 1.0 RC 1[/sdt]
[sdt=10857]Camino 1.0[/sdt] [sdt=11328]Camino 1.0.1[/sdt]

:tb: Mozilla Thunderbird (E-mail and newsgroup client)

[sdt=3460]Mozilla Thunderbird 0.3[/sdt]
[sdt=5559]Mozilla Thunderbird 0.6[/sdt]
[sdt=6024]Mozilla Thunderbird 0.7 RC[/sdt]
[sdt=6036]Mozilla Thunderbird 0.7[/sdt], [sdt=6202]Mozilla Thunderird 0.7.1[/sdt], [sdt=6309]Mozilla Thunderbird 0.7.2[/sdt], [sdt=6602]Mozilla Thunderbird 0.7.3[/sdt]
[sdt=7069]Mozilla Thunderbird 0.8[/sdt]
[sdt=7465]Mozilla Thunderbird 0.9[/sdt]
[sdt=7698]Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0 RC[/sdt]
[sdt=7748]Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0[/sdt], [sdt=8556]Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0.2 RC[/sdt], [sdt=8590]Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0.2[/sdt], [sdt=9379]Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0.5[/sdt], [sdt=9422]Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0.6[/sdt], [sdt=9924]Thunderbird 1.0.7[/sdt]
[sdt=9079]Mozilla Thunderbird 1.1 alpha[/sdt]
[sdt=10173]Thunderbird 1.5 Release Candidate 1[/sdt]
[sdt=10512]Thunderbird 1.5 Release Candidate 2[/sdt]

[sdt=10622]Mozilla Thunderbird 1.5[/sdt] (final), [sdt=10622]Thunderbird[/sdt], [sdt=11480]Thunderbird[/sdt]

(Last updated 13 July 2006)
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