Should the punishment fit the crime . . . ?

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Postby Lorraine » Thu 19 Feb, 2004 2:22 pm

AdrianLondon wrote:

So, fifty years ago it was OK not to really punish people under 18, because they usually only turned to crime if really desperate.

When I was a teenager, people never stole anything. We didn't have anything worthwhile stealing, of course it was closer to sixty years ago :)

I remember going ski-ing, leaving my ski's outside the bar, the restaurants the hills, no locks and never heard of anyone getting their skis stolen. We travelled by train, left our skis all over the place as we use to wander around the train. Today, people have to lock their ski's if they leave them anywhere. My daughter had them stolen out of the house her group of friends rented.

We would leave our bikes outside overnight, nobody bothered them.

Of course, we knew it was better not to get into trouble. if our parents were ever called by the police to bail us out of jail, it would have been a fate worse than death.
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Re: Should the punishment fit the crime . . . ?

Postby inmateaid » Wed 22 Mar, 2017 4:53 am

DJGM wrote:It has to be said, that there aren't many more sickening crimes than evil yobs attacking old people.
Have a look at this latest case of an elderly lady being severly beaten up and robbed. I ought to
warn you though that you're likely to find the picture in the news article quite upsetting.

Basically, a disabled 97 year old lady, that has only one arm, was attacked and robbed in her
flat in the Longsight district of Manchester. The evil b*st*rd responsible for this disgusting
crime, stole an estimated £1000, that she was saving for her grandchildren.

In my personal opinion, in cases like this, the punishment should fit the crime. If and
when the thug that beat up and robbed this old lady is caught, he should receive a
extremely severe punishment beating. Prison is too good for such evil scum.

Yes Definitely. Its also a crime.. Who ever he/she is... needs to get punishment.
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