The Editorial - DJGM does the business . . . Part 1

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The Editorial - DJGM does the business . . . Part 1

Postby DJGM » Wed 14 Sep, 2005 7:24 am

On 7th September, I wrote:DJGM does the business - Part 1 . . . !

Well, I've not added anything to this thing lately,
since not much interesting stuff has happened.

Anyway, as I'm currently "between jobs" at the moment, I've started to
look into the possibility of starting up my own small business recently.

In my last job (at Nordic Adventures LTD) one of my duties was tech
advisor to customers who brought their PC's in to be fixed. In most
cases, it was spyware and viruses that needed to be cleaned out,
since some people don't know how to keep their PC's secure!

So, I've decided to capitalise on my knowledge, and my business idea
involves helping computer owners to keep security problems at bay.

I'm looking at primarily helping out those that have home computers,
as these are the ones that mostly either don't know about online
security, or simply don't care about it!

I've had a meeting this week with a business advisor, who said that
my business idea was "interesting", so I'll take that as a positive!

Anyway, next Monday, I'll be attending the first session of a business
planning course, which is taking place over the next three Mondays.

I'll keep you updated on what happens with my business plans,
and whether or not my ideas actually come to fruition . . .

Laters, folks . . . !

BTW . . . all future editions of "The Editorial" won't be in quote boxes!

DJGM aka Greg Mitchell
15th September 2005
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