iTunes strikes again

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iTunes strikes again

Postby Fulvio » Sun 15 Nov, 2015 6:21 pm

Considering all the problem I have had with iTunes, I am not very hopeful. Here is the story.
In late July, my old XP rolled over and died. I have a laptop, but all iTunes work had been done on my old XP.
For nearly two months, I could not get a fully operational iTunes, and Apple support was not.
Finally, short time ago some other software broke down the bars set by Apple, and I have been able to get a fully operational iTunes. Since I have $25.50 credit, from gift card, I was trying to download some music.
Of course, since it was a new machine, Apple set up a new wall, in the name of security (Apple's, not mine). I could select to have the downloads on my credit card. As for my $25.50, I don't see any helpful hint on how to get my money's worth.
Should allow Apple to charge my credit card, and then ask to debit my gift cards, as it worked with a number of places, or will I being robbed, in the name of security.
While fumbling around to get some helpful info, and, finally entering the correct, updated credit card, after all this, iTunes tells me that the session had expired.

Now, the good news. I figured out that I needed to update my credit card info (all numbers were blank}. So, I entered the updated credit card info, and then. Joy! My gift card is debited, and not my credit card. It has been a learning experience.
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