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Lost Mail & NG Account Settings •• Profile

Postby Ramona » Sun 25 Apr, 2004 6:05 pm

Lost Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings •• Profile

If you are trying to deal with any of the below issues, then read on:

• Lost Mail
• Lost Mail Folders
• Profile has disappeared from the Profile Manager
• All Netscape settings are lost
• Messages vanished from my Inbox
• Where has my Mail Account gone
• The Folders in the left pane of the Mail window have disappeared

You've opened Netscape Mail & Newsgroups, and are prompted to set up a new Mail Account,
as if this is a new install.

The Fix:

If you have a backup of your prefs.js file, then:
Close Netscape and Quick Launch
Open Windows Explorer
Navigate to your salted (*.slt) Folder
See: Profiles Folder Location

Rename the existing prefs.js file to BADprefs.js
Copy the backup copy to the salted (*.slt) folder
This should resolve the problem.

If you don't have a backup copy of the prefs.js file,try this:

Go ahead and set up a new Mail Account at the Mail Wizard prompt
Next: Close Netscape and Quick Launch
Open Windows Explorer and navigate to your Mail Account Folder
Your Mail Accounts will be similar to:
mail.accountname-1.net, etc.

Open the Inbox in each of these accounts in order to determine which of the accounts contain your mail.
Copy the path to the mail account folder containing your mail
E.G., <path>\Application Data\Mozilla\Profiles\username\*.slt\Mail\mail.accountname.net
To avoid a typo, with the Mail Account folder open (the folder which contains your mail)
copy the "Address" field at the top of the Windows Explorer Window, as shown in this
Screen Shot

Open Netscape Mail
Click on: Edit | Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings | Server Settings
In the right panel, scroll to the bottom of the page.
In the "Local directory" field, paste the path to the mail account folder containing your mail, which you just copied.
See this Screen Shot

In the left pane highlight "Local Folders"
In the right pane select: View settings for this account
Ensure that the "Local directory" path points to the correct
"Local Folders" folder, the one which contains your Mail:
<path>\Application Data\Mozilla\Profiles\username\*.slt\Mail\Local Folders
See this Screen Shot

Exit Netscape, then reopen
Your Mail should be intact.

I would also suggest disabling Quick Launch, as some users report that disabling the feature stopped the Lost Mail issue. This may or may not work for your system.

If none of the above solve your problem, then Create a New Profile.

This page is also available here:
Netscape Solutions Page, Lost Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings •• Profile

Ramona :mrgreen:

Updated: 04/20/04

Credits to ChrisI, and DougG

This article can now be found at http://sillydog.org/netscape/kb/lostmailnewsgroup.html
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