Windows 10's scary privacy issues

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Windows 10's scary privacy issues

Postby Antony » Fri 31 Jul, 2015 3:55 am

Thanks to Mic Wright reading Microsoft's new 45 pages (combined) Privacy Statement and Services Agreements. He kindly pointed out some scary parts:
  • Data syncing by default
  • Cortana is a sexy spy in the machine
    Turn on Cortana, the virtual assistant, and you’re also turning on a whole host of data sharing:
    To enable Cortana to provide personalized experiences and relevant suggestions, Microsoft collects and uses various types of data, such as your device location, data from your calendar, the apps you use, data from your emails and text messages, who you call, your contacts and how often you interact with them on your device.
    Cortana also learns about you by collecting data about how you use your device and other Microsoft services, such as your music, alarm settings, whether the lock screen is on, what you view and purchase, your browse and Bing search history, and more.”
  • Whatever happens, Microsoft knows what you’re doing…
  • Advertisers will know exactly who you are
  • Your encryption key is backed up to OneDrive
    (this can be good in certain ways)
  • Microsoft can disclose your data when it feels like it

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Re: Windows 10's scary privacy issues

Postby James » Sun 02 Aug, 2015 9:25 am

LOL... great spoof. Oh yes... Cortana is demonic and Microsoft is Satanic. Windows 10 will completely compromise our privacy and lead to a one-world order under the Anti-Christ. Yup! I can see that the end of the world is now in sight. Thanks for the warning. :lol:
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Re: Windows 10's scary privacy issues

Postby RandyFO » Wed 12 Oct, 2016 3:56 am

The problems with this version is obviously visible, it scares people. I tried to test the protection of privacy on the phone with the operating system Windows. I tested with the help of this software From the software, I received a lot of positive experiences and opportunities. Phone protection is zero.
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