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About Netscape Browser Archive (SillyDog701)

Netscape Browser Archive is designed and created for your convenience for finding any released version of Netscape browsers. Netscape Browser Archive has been awarded the cool site by Open Directory Project (dmoz, and Seven Wonders Technical Support Site of the Week (19 Dec 1999).

Netscape Browser Archive was originally created by Nick Barrett in 1999 and located in . It was then mirrored by me, Antony, on 10 July, 1999 at this URL: . Few days after gained permission to mirroring and modifying, SillyDog701 provids dynamic as well as the plain listing version starting on 17th July, 1999. Sadly, the original Netscape Browser Archive created by Nick Barrett can no longer be accessed. the dynamic version of Netscape Browser Archive has been withdrawn few months afterwards.

Later, the second generation of the Netscape Browser Archive (SillyDog701) began to work on easier guided version, with providing most information to all different background of visitors in mind, and page is separated to main page and full list page, as well as a message forum for all questions arising from visitors. The main page had clear colour element designs and guided information, and providing only the latest release from each major version release. The main page is considerable much more informative and faster loading.

Early 2001, with new domain, , and the release of Netscape 6. The third generation (design) of Netscape Browser Archive was born. The biggest change from previous design is now using white background instead of so-called reverse video (black) background, which will providing easier reading and printing. Also the new design borrowed elements from Netscape's homepage, with clearly layout and separation of sections. The new design received great amount of positive feedback. This new design of Netscape Browser Archive is later modified to a template used in entire SillyDog701 site.

In July 2002, the Netscape Browser Archive Message Board was replaced by SillyDog701 Message Centre, based on phpBB. Soon this new message board became the heart of SillyDog701.

During August 2002, just one month after using the new message board, Netscape 7 released. Together with new repolished SillyDog701 templates, the fourth generation of Netscape Browser Archive was born. The main concept of this design is to improve the visual presentation and increase usability and navigation. This new design was inspired from Netscape Network (new and MacOS X Aqua user interface.

One year later, SillyDog701 modified the colour scheme of the stunning design, making it even easier to read. In October 2003, Netscape Browser Archive repolished the template.

In March 2005, SillyDog701 redesigned Netscape Browser Archive again. With recently added section - Latest Netscape and Netscape 8, the new Netscape Browser Archive features a whole new clean design and easy navigation.

Latest Netscape In order to make finding the latest Netscape easier for users, a new section is created in February 2005, Latest Netscape - Netscape Browser Archive. This new page simplifies the entire layout completely, and using some attractive icons to point out the download sections. All necessary information presented, everything you need to know, nothing you don't need.

Streamline Series One of the main highlight of Netscape Browser Archive is the exclusive availbility of Netscape Streamline series. The streamline series features much smaller package of Netscape by not including extra components came with the full Netscape package. The file size can be as small as 30% of the full Netscape package. For more detail, please read here.

In July 2005, we celebrated six years of Browser Archive with an online chat and a special celebration page. (Discussion thread at SillyDog701 Message Centre.)

Other Highlights Netscape Browser Archive awarded the Technical Support Site from Seven Wonders.
Netscape Browser Archive is listed secondary course reading material of English Literature and IT, Oxford University.

I am Antony Shen.

Netscape Browser Archive or other SillyDog701 web pages are in no way endorsed by or connected to Netscape Communication Corp., America Online, or AOL Time Warner Company.

Netscape Browser Archive was originally created by Nick Barrett.
The lighthouse used in the header of Netscape Browser Archive is created by James Ernestine, used with permission.
Special thanks to Bryan Wellander's testing and feedback on verification of links.

If you are interested to know more about the history of browser and history of Netscape, Netscape Corp., and/or story about browsers, you might want to check this website.

Very first Netscape Browser Archive in SillyDog701 (July 1999), lasted only a few days. It was very similar to the original Netscape Browser Archive by Nick Barrett.
screenshot of original Netscape Browser Archive

Second Generation of Netscape Browser Archive (July 1999 to January 2001)
screenshot of 2nd generation of Netscape Browser Archive

Third Generation of Netscape Browser Archive (January 2001 to August 2002), inspired by
third generation of Netscape Browser Archive

Fourth Generation of Netscape Browser Archive (since August 2002), integrates with SillyDog701's new stunning interface.
4th generation of Netscape Browser Archive

Updated Version of Netscape Browser Archive (since October 2003), update reflects the improved SillyDog701 layout.

Fifth Generation of Netscape Browser Archive (released March 2005), a new polished layout of in preparation for the upcoming Netscape 8.
Netscape Browser Archive
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