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The distribution of Netscape Calendar is now ceased.


All right, so what happened to Netscape Calendar?
Netscape was licensed the calendaring technology from CS&T (Corporate Software Technologies Int Inc., Now renamed to Steltor).The agreement is now at end and no further distributions of CS&T or Steltor technology are allowed under the agreement. Netscape has ceased releasing Netscape Communicator Enterprise with Calendaring or commonly called Professional Edition since version 4.72. The latest version of Netscape came with Calendaring is version 4.7 (4.71 was not officially released).
There were older Netscape Communicator left in the archive sections from Netscape's web server, however, later on Netscape withdraw all those versions.
See also: more information about Netscape Calendar.

What is special about this build?
This is in fact a CCK version of Netscape Communicator 4.79, however it comes with Netscape Calendar, a component that has been removed since Netscape 4.72.

What is CCK?
CCK stands for Client Customization Kit, which is available from Netscape for organisations to create and distribute unique, customized versions of Netscape browser, including changes to the familiar browser component, Netscape Navigator.

Can I get Netscape with Calendar component?

If you happened to have older Netscape Communicator Professional Edition stored somewhere, you can. All you need to do is install that Netscape Communicator Professional Edition first, then install newer Netscape Communicator over it without uninstalling Professional Edition.

Where can I find Netscape with Calendar component?
You might be able to find Netscape Communicator Professional Edition somewhere around the net.
If you are looking for the Netscape Communicator 4.79 with Calendar from this website, it is no longer available, sorry.

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