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Netscape 6.2.2 Streamline ("lite" or "slim") for Linux
(CCKed by Silly Dog 701)

Silly Dog 701 proudly presents to you the latest full version, small size download of Netscape 6.2.2.

Download streamline Netscape 6.2.2:
FTP download: Navigator 6.2.2 stand alone* (8.87MB, for Linux)
FTP download: Netscape 6.2.2 (with Netscape Mail/News) (12.1MB, for Linux)
HTTP download: Navigator 6.2.2 stand alone* (8.87MB, for Linux)
HTTP download: Netscape 6.2.2 (with Netscape Mail/News) (12.1MB, for Linux)

> Windows Version of Netscape Streamline is available.
> Macintosh Version of Netscape Streamline is available.

Please read this page before clicking above links to download.

Previous streamline versions:(following packages might be removed, I don't have enough server space.)

* The Navigator only version does not have Mail/News function.
Both distributions do not include Java2, AIM*, Net2Phone, RealPlayer 8, Winamp, AOD ... etc.

It is designed for streamline download-once (compared to 26MB all-in-one package from Netscape). If you are looking for the complete package of Netscape 6.2.2 (26MB), please click here.
You are welcome to try this distribution. Please provide your thoughts, or any suggestions about this package to our message forum.

Featured not included: Java for running web applets, Nullsoft Winamp (called Netscape Winamp) for audio playback, RealPlayer8 for streaming media, Net2Phone for free PC-to-Phone calls anywhere within the US* and Print Plus from Hewlett Packard for easy access to printing supplies, services and features.
Note: you can get Java plug-in separately from Sun Microsystems.
* Free calls placed within the U.S. from your PC to any phone are currently limited to 5 minutes, then rates are 2¢ a minute on any given call.

see also:
> Netscape Streamline for Macintosh
> Netscape Streamline for Linux (coming soon)

Please read the FAQ (frequent asked questions) of this release before downloading.

IMPORTANT NOTICE about Netscape 6.2.x Silly Dog 701 Distribution

This Netscape 6.2.x distribution (by Silly Dog 701) is a complete version, not a installer; you don't need internet connection during the installation. In other words, you don't need to download any more components. There is NO modification to the Netscape logo or default bookmark. No locking of any feature or preference. However, there is one additional entry in Help menu list which will direct you to Silly Dog 701's Netscape Browser Archive Help Forum ( where you can post questions about Netscape. The modification of this Netscape 6.2.2 distribution is based on the complete package of Netscape 6.2.2 from Netscape Communication Corp.

Details of components included:

Netscape 6.2.2 full, from Netscape Navigator 6.2.2 stand alone Netscape 6.2.2 Streamline
Navigator Navigator Navigator
Mail/News   Mail/News
Sun Java2    
Instant Messenger   Instant Messenger*
Quality Feedback    
Spell checker   Spell checker
Macromedia Flash Macromedia Flash Macromedia Flash
HP Printer Identifier Plugin   plug-in
Classic Skin Classic Skin Classic Skin
Regional packs (Canadian, Latin American, UK)    
Activation (Registration) activation activation
size: 26.9MB size: 8.87MB size: 12.11MB

All components in Navigator 6.2.x standalone and Netscape 6.2.x Streamline are selectable during installation except Navigator.
*Instant Messenger (or AIM) is included and is necessary for Netscape Mail to integrate with Netscape WebMail, you can select not to install AIM and access your Netscape WebMail via web interface (browser).

PLEASE NOTE: The Silly Dog 701 distribution is designed for easier downloads with smaller (selected) all-in-one package. If you want to install above missing components in the future, please download Netscape 6.2.2 (all-in-one) by Netscape Communication Corp.

You can find related information about this distribution at

Silly Dog 701 shall hold NO responsibility to all damages, data lost, any undesired results, or any kind of lost resulting by installing this package.

What is CCK?
CCK stands for Client Customization Kit, which is available from Netscape for orginations to create and distribute unique, customized versions of Netscape browser, including changes to the familiar browser component, Netscape Navigator.

Are those distribution legal?
Yes, they are under Netscape Client Customization Kit License Agreement and Netscape Browser Distribution Program License Agreement.

What are the benefits of obtaining those distribution to the original Netscape distribution?
They are compact, smaller downloading sizes, download-once (not installer), faster installing.

What are those distribution designed for?
For people who don't want to install Mail and Newsgroup features (such as people only use web-based mail accounts or public internet access terminals), Navigator stand-alone is the best choice.
For public internet access terminals.
For people want the reduce the downloading time, and do not want to install full load of programmes.
For people who already have RealPlayer installed in their system.

What features has been disabled in those CCKed version?
None, no features has been disabled, no functions has been locked, no change of Netscape logo, no modification to default bookmarks. Please note that some components mentioned above are not included in the package.
In fact, you will have an extra entry in the Help menu, which will point you to Netscape Browser Archive Forum for asking questions.

What if I want to use Sun Java™2 Plug-in?
No problem. You can go to Sun's Java website and download the plug-in. Then your Windows and Netscape 6.x will have the latest Java™ 2 Standard Edition Runtime Environment. This method will ensure you having latest Java™2 Runtime Environment for your Windows, Netscape 6.x and 4.78 (and above), and MSIE.
OR you can download the complete package of Netscape 6.x.

Will this be faster than the Netscape's distribution?
Yes and no. No change to the browser engine at all (as mentioned previously), however there will have less applications associated to Netscape and file sizes are smaller, which might lead speed improments. The streamline Netscapes will definitely speeder and easier to install, and much easier to transfer to other computers or for friends.

AOL's trusted access issue?
There were reports over the newsgroups (Titled: What Bologna... NS6 gives AOL trusted access via IE posted by BJA on Monday 11th March 2002). It states:
After installing NS 6.2.1, I find that have 5 new shortcuts to
One in IE's Favorites
One in IE's Favorites/Links
One on the desktop
One on in the root Start menu
One in Start Menu - Programs -> Netscape 6.2

Those unwanted shortcuts will not be added by Netscape 6.2.1/6.2.2 Streamline downloaded from this website.
I have verified that no such anomaly exist in Streamline versions, because AOD is not included.

Known issues?
Well, all know issues with complete package of Netscape 6.1 and 6.2.x (with Navigator etc components) should still in the Streamline version. There are reports said some problems appearing in complete package (all-in-one) does not appear in our Streamline version.
(Netscape 6.1 Streamline ONLY): There was a known problem with the Streamline version of Netscape 6.1 with Mail: you cannot receive Netscape Webmail through your Netscape Mail. Reason: this feature requires Instand Messenger (AIM) installed, however, AIM is not included in the package. This problem is solved in Netscape 6.2 Streamline and later versions.

How can I help you?
I would be very appreciated if anyone can provide me some server space (30MB+). If you can do so, please contact me via feedback form, and leave your e-mail address.
If you like those streamline Netscapes, please tell your friends about Silly Dog 701's Netscape Browser Archive at .

Who is allowed to use this software?
Basically everyone is allowed, and this software is free to all. HOWEVER, NETSCAPE 6.2.1 END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT does not allow following people to use this product. (Excerpt from NETSCAPE 6.2.1 END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT)
11. EXPORT / IMPORT. Licensee agrees to comply with all export and import laws and restrictions and regulations of the United States and foreign countries, and not to export, re-export or import the Product or any direct product thereof in violation of any such restrictions, laws or regulations, or without all necessary authorizations. Neither the Product nor the underlying information or technology may be downloaded or otherwise exported or re- exported (i) to Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, the Taliban-controlled areas of Afghanistan, or any other country subject to U.S. trade sanctions applicable to the Product, to individuals or entities controlled by such countries, or to nationals or residents of such countries other than nationals who are lawfully admitted permanent residents of countries not subject to such sanctions; or (ii) to any named party or individual on the U.S. Department of Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control list of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons, and/or the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Export Administration Denied Persons List or Entity List. By downloading or using the Product, Licensee agrees to the foregoing and represents and warrants that it complies with these conditions.

Any other issues I shall worry about?
No, if you really want to know more details about this distribution. Here it goes.
As required by the CCK license, I need to insert an identifier string to the browser identifier, this string is not used for tracing at all. There is a text string "SillyDog" in your browser's identifier (HTTP_USER_AGENT string). Again, this is a CCK build, however unlike other distribution, there is no branding nor locking of any functions/settings at all.

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