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Please take a few minutes to fill out the following survey form. With your comment, you can help me to improve Netscape Browser Archive.

Survey Form for Netscape Browser Archive
NOTE: none of the following fields is compulsory, you can fill in as much as you feel confident. We protect your privacy.
Gender: Male Female
E-mail: (optional, but please check if e-mail is correct)
Occupation: Your Age Group: (for statistics analysis)
Which type of computer (platform) you used often:
Please rank yourself as a computer user:
Please rank yourself as an internet user:
Please rank your knowledge about internet:
- finding information (research)
- designing webpages
- confidence with usage of internet
Number of browsers installed in your computer:
Do you use Netscape (any version) mostly? Yes No n/a ; if yes, which version:

Before you fill in this section, please make sure that you have visited Netscape Browser Archive ( )
Basic section about Netscape Browser Archive
How did you find Netscape Browser Archive:
Are you a freque nt visitor?
You visit Netscape Browser Archive because you want to...(multiple selection, if needed)
Design related issue about Netscape Browser Archive
Can you find the right version you are looking for? yes no not sure
How difficult was it for you to find the right Netscape?
Does the layout/design clearly enough?
Before you came here, did you have the exact version of Netscape in mind?
Yes No (looking for latest) No (looking for advice) NA
Did you find the right version you are looking for?
Server loading issue about Netscape Browser Archive
What do you think about the length (size) of Netscape Browser Archive?
How was the loading of Netscape Browser Archive?
What kind of internet connection(s) do you have?
28k to 33.6k modem 56k modem cable ADSL (or xDSL) satellite LAN intrenat
How would you give a overall rank of Netscape Browser Archive?
Would you recommend Netscape Browser Archive to your friends?
Any sections of Netscape Browser Archive you think is not necessary?
Any sections you would suggest me to add into Netscape Browser Archive?
Part(s) you like best:
Part(s) you don't like:

If you have more comments and/or want to ask questions about Netscapes, please submit this survey first then either send me your comments in Feedback Forum or please post your questions in Message Forum.

Thank you for responding to this survey.
: If you wish to receive my reply, please make sure you've provided a correct e-mail address.
E-mail (again, for confirmation): (optional)

Thank You!

This survey is used for improving Netscape Browser Archive and related web page design.
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