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Frequently Asked Questions

There are some collection of common asked questions and solutions collected by SillyDog701.

Netscape Netcaster
What is Netscape Netcaster?
How does Netcaster relate to Constellation?
What is netcasting?
What is a channel?
What is a webtop?
What is Netscape Channel Finder?
What is offline browsing?
Who are some of the content partners supporting Netcaster?
Does Netcaster allow any Web site to be pushed?
Does Netcaster have built-in support for Marimba Castanet technology?
Does Netcaster require Marimba Castanet technology?
Can IS managers centrally administer Netcaster?
Will Netcaster support Microsoft's CDF proposal?
Does Netcaster's approach match the functionality that CDF promises?
Does Netcaster require developers to learn any new formats?
Does Netcaster require any configuration files?
Does Netcaster require any server-side changes?
What is the availability of Netcaster?
What platforms does Netcaster support?
Can I purchase Netcaster separately?
Is Netcaster available in Netscape Communicator Standard and Professional editions?
What are the system requirements for Netcaster?
What are the advantages of Netcaster over the competition?

How To section:
Use Firefox as the only rendering engine in Netscape 8 (Netscape 8)
Switch - an easy guide to get you switched to the browser you can trust.
exclusive Using same profile for dual booting (Linux and Windows) (Believed to be the first article on this topic.)
new Retrieving Lost Mail and Newsgroup account settings. (Thanks Ramona)
Teach your Netscape 6/7 to remember newsgroup passwords
Install Netscape on your computer (general)
Step-by-step Netscape 6 Installation Guide
Disable Netscape 6/7 Activation
Transfer or Backup Netscape Profile
Backup Netscape Mail (Commmunicator and Netscape 6/7)
Transfer Netscape address book to another computer
Remove Beatnik Player
Modify the Installation for AIM-free (by Ramona)
Modify the Installation with Preference modified (by Ramona)
Clear Location or Netsite pulldown menu in Netscape.
Remove AOL Instant Message (AIM) from Netscape browser
Netscape 7.1 resource leakage (GUI) issue in Windows platform (by Ramona) (also a detailed discussion thread).
Decompression Error about TEMP folder.
Stuffit Expander, MacBinary II Problem.
Netscape Error in MSVCRT.DLL (by Ramona)
Can't Find POSTAL.DLL Error (by Ramona)
Netscape.exe has caused an error in... (by Ramona)
Netscape Error in RPCRT4.DLL (by Ramona)
KERNEL32.DLL Error (by Ramona)

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