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Netscape AutoAdmin
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Netscape AutoAdmin:
The Netscape AutoAdmin application provides remote configuration and management of all Netscape Communicator applications. Used in conjunction with the Netscape Administration Kit, the ConfigURL feature permits the centralized configuration of group or individual Communicator preference options, such as email, network, and security feature settings. AutoAdmin also provides centralized management of the download, installation, and upgrade of software components, including plug-ins. The UpgradeURL feature enables Communicator desktops to be securely "locked," so that only components authorized and signed by the administrator can be downloaded and installed.

* Allows central configuration of Communicator client preferences.
* Downloads, installs, and upgrades Netscape Communicator components and plug-ins automatically.
* Restricts downloadable components to those authorized by the administrator.

Available in
Netscape Communicator 4.0 to 4.7 professional edition (enterprise with calendaring).

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