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Netscape Navigator
Netscape Navigator:
Access the wealth of information and network applications on corporate intranets and the Internet using the intuitive Netscape Navigator interface. Users can easily access information from a variety of sources, from the latest Web sites to legacy corporate databases. Netscape Navigator's support for Netscape ONE technologies enables content creators and developers to deliver advanced cross-platform solutions.

* Supports absolute positioning, layering, JavaScript style sheets, and HTML fonts.
* Allows embedded objects using the Object tag.
* Supports Java on many platforms with performance enhancements.
* Allows multiple levels of authorization with signed applets and plug-ins.
* Provides a security API.
* Includes an enhanced customizable interface and look based on usability testing.
* Includes context-sensitive help.
* Allows flexible user control over applets and animations.
* Supports interactive 3D with the Live3D 2.0 VRML 2.0 rendering engine.

Netscape Navigator is available in all versions of Netscape.


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