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Tips for Netscape Communicator 4.0x and 4.5

For people who browse the Web, Navigator 4.0+ will be their primary Communicator application. While major functional changes have been made in the browser--changes that relate to support for Java, JavaScript, and HTML Style Sheets--most of the modifications have to do with Navigator's user interface.

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Important Notice, This page (Netscape Communicator Tips) was originally written in Nov 97, at the time Netscape Communicator (4.0) was just released, together with Dynamic HTML technology. You will be able to see the original design of Netscape Communicator Tips with some updated tips added from time to time. You must enable JavaScript in Netscape Communicator to view the dynamic version. The dynamic function does not work with Netscape 6 nor Internet Explorer.

You might also find Netscape Version Guide has information you are looking for.

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This following page is powered by JavaScript 1.2 and contains Netscape Communicator 4 (Navigator 4) specified tips to presented in Dynamic HTML.
At this moment, Dynamic HTML has not yet be standardrised.
You are still welcome to continue and view all the tips in non-layer (non-Dynamic) page.
The dynamic HTML document was last updated on 29th January, 1999.
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