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ADT Was The Best Advise For a FREE Home Security System

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After renting apartments and homes for years I finally was able to save up the money for a down payment on my own home and after searching for a few months finally found the home of my dreams just five minutes from my job as a nurse at a local hospital. It was just what I was looking for and I wanted to fix it up and do some decorating in the month I had before I was to finally move in.

I asked some of my coworkers for advice on just what was the best thing that I could do to make it a nicer place to live, as most of them already were home owners and have previously gone through the process I was going through. Janet, my senior supervisor who's opinion I always have respected, suggested something that I hadn't even thought of and it made such perfect sense.

She told me that she had a state of the art security system installed in her home a year earlier and that it has already paid off by increasing the homes value while at the same time giving her a new sense of security that she had never felt while living in her previous homes. She suggested ADT, so I gave them a call and the next day the ADT security representative came to visit and explained to me all the new technology that was available to make my home a safer place to live.

I needed some time to think about it because I had some other ideas about some improvements that I wanted to do and after all I was on a limited budget. During that following week a home was burglarized on my block in broad daylight on my block, while the owner was away at work and my mind was made up as soon as I heard the news and I had an ADT security system installed within days.

The system that I had installed includes a thirty-five foot invisible protective barrier around my home that uses body heat and motion detectors that will sound the alarm if anyone even approaches my home. Its so easy to operate, because it is activated and deactivated using a device that hangs on my key chain, just like the alarm on my car. Also, it has a key pad that is on the wall in my hallway that I can use to call the police or the fire department with just the touch of a button.

Of course all of my windows and doors are protected and there are sensitive motion and heat detectors that are placed around the inside of my home that completely cover my home with a blanket of security. The one thing that I really like about my new ADT security system is that I never feel alone anymore in my home, because I know that people at an ADT monitoring station are ready to respond the moment that my system summons them and the new feeling of security also helps me to sleep so much better at night now.

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