UNIX Guide, for beginners and Mac OS X users
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UNIX Guide for beginners and Mac OS X users

This is a SillyDog701's tutorial on UNIX, a beginner's guide and a reference material. This tutorial is suitable for most flavours of UNIX, as well as Linux users. We also provide coverage for Mac OS X users.

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UNIXhelp for Users

Helpful information for users of the UNIX operating system, developed at the University of Edinburgh from work funded by the ITTI. Please read this disclaimer.

UNIXhelp is mirrored around the world and freely available for local installation. This UNIX Guide is based on UNIXhelp Version 1.3.2.

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This UNIX Guide maintained by SillyDog701, portion of this Guide is based on UNIXhelp. UNIXhelp is copyright University of Edinburgh. This page was last modified on 14 March, 2006
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