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applewoods widget ver 2.0

applewoods widget

SillyDog701 and applewoods are pleased to announce the availability of version 2.0 of applewoods widget, a widget allowing easy searching of our browser and Mac OS X software and articles directly from your Dashboard. You can specify using Blog Search, Google or technorati as the search engine. This widget is still in our early development stage, suggestions are welcome. This applewoods widget requires Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger."

(Mac OS X v.10.4 Tiger is required.)

Revision History

version 2.0
adds applewoods' internal search engine
changes to applewoods' new URL.
version 1.1.3
bug fix
version 1.1.2
small refinement in widget interface
rearrange search engines order, Blog Search is the default.
version 1.1.1
add Blog Search option
version 1.1
brand new widget interface
version 1.0.2
interface improvement.
add technorati search option.
version 1.0
Initial release.

About applewoods

applewoods ( is a great Chinese Macintosh resource site created by Jack M. H. Lin in October 2004. applewoods features Mac OS X software introduction, localisation and other related news.

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previous releases
applewoods widget ver. 2.0 104KB, 29th Mar 2006.

applewoods widget ver. 1.1.3 104KB, 22nd Nov 2005.

applewoods widget ver. 1.1 102KB, 17th Nov 2005.

applewoods widget ver. 1.0.2 96KB, 11th Nov 2005.

applewoods widget ver. 1.0 101KB, 10th Nov 2005.
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