Welcome to Netscape Communicator for Macintosh

These are the current release notes for Netscape Communicator for all Macintosh platforms. You can access these release notes from the Help menu in Communicator. Please ignore any release notes that might have been previously installed on your system.

Netscape recommends that users of Communicator Standard and Professional editions download Communicator 4.04. You can find out what version of Communicator you are running by choosing About Communicator from the Help menu.

If you are using Netscape Communicator Professional Edition (which includes Netscape Calendar, IBM Host On-Demand, and AutoAdmin) please read the information contained in these notes. In addition, you can click here to view the release notes specifically for Professional Edition.

These release notes include: Unknown problems and bugs - please tell us about bugs you find.

Additional information is available:


Communicator 4.04 supports the optional Netscape FORTEZZA PKCS#11 module (available separately). This module supports the use of the FORTEZZA Crypto Card and FORTEZZA cryptographic algorithms (KEA and Skipjack) when using SSL and S/MIME. More information about Netscape FORTEZZA support is available at http://home.netscape.com/assist/security/fortezza/index.html.

The Communicator 4.04 maintenance release also includes these new features:

Navigator and Composer

Java and JavaScript

Messenger and Collabra (Mail and News)

General enhancements in the 4.04 release include:




Messenger and Collabra




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