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celebrating six years of Netscape Browser Archive.

Yes, we've been around for a few years. Started in July 1999, we've been a great resources for Netscape users, website developers.

(Re-encoded in H.264 codec in 2021.)
(In case you are using an older browser/operating system, below is the video encoded in Sorenson Video 3, Windows Media, RealVideo codec which were the video codec back then.)
celebrating six years of Browser Archive mulitmedia requirement
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Netscape Browser Archive
Netscape Browser Archive was originally created by Nick Barrett in 1999 and located in . It is then mirrored by Antony Shen on 10 July, 1999 to this URL: . Few days after gained permission to mirroring and modifying, SillyDog701 provids dynamic as well as the plain listing version starting 17 July, 1999.

Streamline Series One of the main highlight of Netscape Browser Archive is the exclusive availbility of Netscape Streamline series. The streamline series features much smaller package of Netscape by not including extra components came with the full Netscape package. The file size can be as small as 30% of the full Netscape package. For more detail, please read here.

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SillyDog701 Message Centre (Forums) is the heart of our website. We don't self-claim we are “the Number 1” independent support site on the planet, and we are not “the oldest” peer support site on the net, we simply strive to provide the best technical support possible, and the friendliest community we can. We wish everybody a happy and safe holiday.

when we first started:

we then changed the colour:
and we adjusted it again:
in July 2002, we changed to a new system:
we were trying to get our style right:
and simplified the colour a bit:
  and this is today's clean and stylish design:

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