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Fixing to Netscape 8.1's missing contextual menu in Downloads Manager window

A patch to Netscape 8.1's missing contextual menu (right-click menu) in Downloads Manager window

This article and the patch file will solve the missing contextual menu (right-click menu) in Downloads Manager window that is missing from Netscape 8.1.The contextual menu was available in Netscape 8.0.4 as shown in screenshot below.
contextual menu

To fix those problems,
  1. download ns81_toolkit.jar file (save it as .jar file, do not open it.)
  2. Exit Netscape 8.1
  3. Back up the original Netscape 8.1 toolkit.jar file.
    (it is located in C:\Program Files\Netscape\Netscape Browser\chrome folder)
  4. rename the downloaded file to toolkit.jar, and replace it with the original file.

This article is based on macallan1824's post in Netscape Browser message board. Thanks to macallan1824 for providing this valuable solution. Used with permission.

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