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This Release Notes is taken from (19th May 2005).

Release Notes

The Netscape Browser,

Version - based on Firefox
Visit the security center on for detailed security fixes included beyond what Firefox 1.0 addresses.
What's fixed in this version?
• Four critical security vulnerabilities (two can be found here, and documentation for the other two will be released shortly)
• Fixed remaining history syncing issues between rendering engines
• Various bug and crash fixes
Downloading and Installing
System Requirements
Before installing, make sure your computer meets these system requirements:
Operating System:
Windows XP
Windows 2000
Windows 98 SE, ME
Hardware Requirements:
233 MHz processor
35 MB hard drive space
Internet Explorer 6.0 (If using the Trident rendering engine)
Recommended Configuration:
1 GHz processor
256 MB RAM
Downloading Netscape Browser
The Netscape Browser, 8.0 is available to the public at
Installing Netscape Browser
Once you have downloaded the Netscape Browser installer, follow these instructions to install:
Double click nsb-setup.exe to start the install.
Uninstalling Netscape Browser
To uninstall Netscape Browser, follow these instructions:
Use the uninstaller provided by going to Start->Programs->Netscape Browser.
Profile Folder
Netscape Browser stores your user data in one of the following locations:
Windows 2000, XP
Documents and Settings\<UserName>\Application Data\Netscape\NSB
Windows 98, ME
Windows\Application Data\Netscape\NSB
Known Issues
1. There are a few known inconsistencies with browser history when changing between rendering engines.
2. When changes are made to the Trust Preferences tab of Site Control Options ''Always use this setting as default'' is always active even if not selected.
3. The Javascript property navigator.useragent will return an Internet Explorer user agent string and not the Netscape Browser 8.0 string when in Internet Explorer mode.
4. When changing the rendering engine from Firefox to Internet Explorer, ''Netscape/8.0'' is sometimes missing from the user agent string.
5. In Internet Explorer mode, the stop/reload button doesn't always display the appropriate state but it will function properly.

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