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Netscape Information and Resource Centre

Welcome to SillyDog701's Netscape Information Centre. In this page you will find useful information about the best browser of all time - Netscape.

featuring Netscape Version Guide and Timeline
Summarises the new features of each major release of Netscape, and includes a list of links to press releases.

featuring Netscape Browser Archive
One of the easiest place to download latest and old Netscape browsers, it is especially helpful if you don't have latest machine or your are web programmer that have the need to test your page in different browsers. A very large collection of Netscapes. Also featuring the exclusive Netscape Streamline series.
"Getting a browser here, even the latest one, is a hundredfold easier than doing the same at Netscape's own site." (Netsurfer Digest Jan 25, 2000, )

new Netscape 8.1 Themes
A listing and collection of Netscape 8.1 Themes.

Switch Guide
Switch to a browser you can trust. A simple guide by SillyDog701.

Mozilla information and resource centre. An e-zine service from SillyDog701.

Knowledge Base Centre
A knowledge base section collected by SillyDog701 for all Netscape releated issues.

Netscape Communicator Guide
A guide to each application of Netscape Communicator.

Netscape Now! button
Where do the Now! button come from? You got the answer, they are originally the Netscape Now! button. A collection of Netscape Now! buttons and other images and also link to Peter Evan's Now! button page.

The Book of Mozilla
Read the extracts from the book of Mozilla.

Netscape 6 Installation Guide
Step by step installation guide for Netscape 6.

Netscape Communicator Tips (v4.x)
Provides Tips for Netscape Communicator 4.x , page presented in Netscape's <layer> tag for Dynamic. Static page also available.

Netscape Communicator Quick Reference Card
Reference card (screenshots) and keyboard shortcuts for Netscape Communicator.

Internet Explorer and Netscape
A small comparison between Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

"Very Netscape" desktop wallpaper
A wallpaper created by me to turn your desktop to very Netscape.

Help pages

A selection of sites that provides great help for your problem with Netscape Communicator / Navigator.

Knowledge Base Centre
A knowledge base section collected by SillyDog701 for all Netscape releated issues.

new Using single Netscape profile for dual booting
Describes how to set up your dual booting computer (Linux and Windows) to use single (common, same) Netscape profile (mail, address book, bookmarks).
Unofficial Frequently Asked Questions run by Mr. Jay Garcia.

Netscape and Mozilla Solutions
Ramona's well maintained page on solutions for Netscape and Mozilla.

Transitioning from LAYER, document.layer[], and document.all to W3C Standards
Eric Krock's guide about transitioning your Netscape 4.x and IE 4.x's dynamic html coding to W3C Standards and also how to make a W3C compliant design for Netscape 6.


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