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What happened to Netscape 5.0?

Netscape Calendar?

From Netscape Communicator verion 4.00 to version 4.7, there were Professional Editions, called Netscape Communicator Enterprise Edition with Calendaring. It includes Netscape Calendar and other extra components over Complete Edition. However, since Netscape 4.72, Netscape stopped distributing the release of Netscape Communicator Professional Edition.

There weren't much notes about this in Netscape's website. SillyDog701 knows exactly what happened.

Over Netscape's homepage and iPlanet's website, a brief notes as following... (

To Current Users of Netscape Calendar:
As of version 4.72 of Netscape Communicator, currently scheduled for availability on February 22, 2000, Netscape will no longer bundle Netscape Calendar as part of the Communicator download package. However, Netscape customers who have deployed Netscape Calendar can continue to use the existing Calendar client. This is possible because Communicator 4.72 is structured so that its installation will not remove or disrupt the existing Calendar client or its data. However, it is imperative that you follow the steps below carefully when deploying version 4.72 throughout your organization:
  1. CRITICAL! Do not remove any previous version of Netscape Communicator before installing version 4.72 as this will de-install the Netscape Calendar client

  2. It is recommended that you deploy version 4.7 of Netscape Communicator with Enterprise Calendaring before upgrading to version 4.72. If you do not currently have 4.7 deployed, please download 4.7 from:
  3. Once version 4.7 is deployed throughout your organization, download and install version 4.72, available from which is scheduled to be available on the Netscape web site on Feb. 22, 2000. When you run Communicator 4.72 you will notice that the "Calendar" option still appears on the Communicator menu, allowing you to invoke the existing Netscape Calendar client from within Communicator 4.72.
    Note: If you have already uninstalled version 4.7 and now have version 4.72 installed, you must re-install version 4.7 to regain use of Netscape Calendar
We regret any inconvenience this may cause your organization. In the near future, you will be able to download and install the Netscape Calendar client from a separately installable program, available at Please contact your support representative for further information, or visit

Thank You,

Netscape Communications

It did not tell much. So what happened to Netscape Calendar exactly?
Netscape was licensed the calendaring technology from CS&T (Corporate Software Technologies Int., Now renamed to Steltor). Netscape had rights to distribute calendaring technology until 31st December 1999. When the agreement expired, Netscape chose not to renew it. The agreement is now at end and no further distributions of CS&T or Steltor technology are allowed under the agreement. Netscape thus ceased releasing Netscape Communicator Enterprise with Calendaring or commonly called Professional Edition since version 4.72. The latest version of Netscape came with Calendaring is version 4.7 (4.71 was not officially released).

There were older Netscape Communicators left in the archive section of Netscape's web server, however, later Netscape withdrew all those versions.

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> A special build from SillyDog701, Netscape Communicator 4.79 with Calendar. (ceased)

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