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Netscape 6 Step-by-step Installation Guide

This step by step installation guide is based on Netscape 6.1 in Windows 32bit environment (such as Win 95, 98, 98SE, Me, NT, 2000, and Windows XP) environment, however it can also applied to MacOS 8.6+, MacOSX and Linux 2.2 . Netscape 6 is the next generation of the brand new browser. This guide can be used for Netscape 6, or 6.2.x.

You can get Netscape 6 by free downloading, or order Netscape CD from Netscape.
If you choose to download Netscape 6, I recommend you choose the complete download version (all in one), and you can reduce the downloading trouble and can easily distribute it to another computer.

If you are interested in smaller package of Netscape 6.x such as Navigator stand-alone or Netscape Streamline (Navigator + Mail/News), they are available from Netscape Browser Archive Streamline series.

After you've downloaded Netscape 6, double click on the download file. The complete download version is called NSetupB.exe in Windows, MacNS6FullInstaller.sea.bin in MacOS 8.6+, Netscape6-macosX.sit.bin in MacOSX, and netscape-i686-pc-linux-gnu-sea.tar.gz in Linux 2.2+.

Step 1:

You will see a greeting message as below, just click Next.
Netscape 6.1 Setup screen shot

Step 2:
As with all other software you install into your computer, you will have to accept with the End-User License Agreement (EULA). It might be a good idea to read it through, although it is boring.

Step 3:
Now you will have a choice of setup types, we recommend you choose Custom. Also we recommend you keep the Destination Directory (i.e. the folder where you want to install Netscape 6) as it was, thus can reduce the trouble for future assistance from any other sources.

The following steps are based on Custom Setup, you will have

Step 4:
Now, you will have to select typical (major) components you are going to install.
Navigator is the WWW page browser (i.e. the major component), and you need to have it installed.
Mail, clearly it is for receiving and writing e-mails and also used for reading/posting to newsgroups such as usenet.
Instant Messenger, (AIM, Netscape AOL Instant Messenger) it is the on-line messenging programme provided by AOL, it provides similar chatting features as in ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger.
Spell Checker, for checking your typing in e-mail and web page you created via Netscape 6.

Silly Dog 701's recommendation:
If you don't wish Netscape 6 to handle your e-mail and only want to use it to browser the web; OR
If you are a web programmer, and wish to test your design in Netscape 6 but do not wish to switch to Netscape 6 as your main browser; OR
If you are installing Netscape 6 for public environment and the only requirement is to have access web page. (Such as public library system.)
... Create a Navigator stand alone installation, just leave Navigator selected.

If you decided to switch to Netscape 6 as your default or main browser and wish to use it for your e-mail etc.
... Select Navigator, Mail, Spell Checker. (select Instant Messenger only if you are using AIM)

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