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Netscape 6 Installation Guide (continued)

Again, this installation guide applies to Windows 32-bit environment, MacOS 8.6+, MacOSX and Linux 2.2 . Netscape 6 is the next generation of the brand new browser.

You can get Netscape 6 by free downloading, or order Netscape CD from Netscape.
If you choose to download Netscape 6, I recommend you choose the complete download version (all in one), and you can reduce the downloading trouble and can easily distribute it to another computer.

After you've downloaded Netscape 6, double click on the download file. The complete download version is called NSetupB.exe in Windows, MacNS6FullInstaller.sea.bin in MacOS 8.6+, Netscape6-macosX.sit.bin in MacOSX, and netscape-i686-pc-linux-gnu-sea.tar.gz in Linux 2.2+.

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Step 5:
Now, you will have to select additional components you are going to install.
Sun Java 2, install this one if you want to take adventure of the truly cross-platform Java technology (via Java Applets) or if you are a Java programmer. Note: this Java2 runtime engine is newer than any Java runtime engine come with Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Quality Feedback Agent, it will information back to Netscape when your Netscape 6 has crashed. None of your personal information will be sent to Netscape, only some mechine codes and environment variables will be sent. You will get a warning window each time if you choose to have Quailty Feedback Agent on. It feature will help Netscape to build better and stable products, however it might be annoy if the product crashes often.
AOL ART Extensions, providing viewing of *.art image files. Please note that the current standard image formats are *.gif, *.jpeg (*.jpg) and *.png.
Net2Phone, Not recommend you to install it.
Macromedia Flash Player, you should select this one.
RealPlayer 8, if you already have Real Networks' RealPlayer installed or you don't intent to watch any RealMedia files (such as on-line broadcasting), you don't need to select this one.
Winamp, if you already have Winamp installed or any other music player which supports *.mp3 installed, you don't need to select this one.
HP Printer Identifier Plugin, it provides extra links to Netscape's print centre for extra printing hints or support. Not really needed.
Classic Skin, installed this one so you can make Netscape 6 feel like the lovely old day's Netscape Communicator.
Netscape 6.1 Setup screen shot
Please note: AOL Art Extension, RealPlayer and Net2Phone are available for Windows and Macintosh platforms; Winamp is available for Windows platform.

Step 6:
Now, you will have a chance to select a programmer folder in your Windows Start Up menu or rename it. Just click Next will do.

Step 7:
The final confirmation of what is going to be installed, you choose it and if that is want you want, click Install.
Step 8:
The installation has begun, set back, relax, and a new, industrial standard support browser will be ready to launch soon.
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