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Netscape and Internet Explorer
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Netscape and IE the Comparision

The difference can first start with the terminology:

in Netscape in MSIE  
bookmarks favorites stores the link (URL) of the page and you can quickly and easy access to them later
Location field Address field field for you to type a web-page address (URL)
Personal Toolbar Links bar Another form of bookmark, but much easier to access them.
Reload Refresh Re-download the current the web page.
What's Related Show Related Links* A Netscape invented technology, which providing you to the sites with similar content, or some information about the site. (* under Tool menu.)

The full name of Netscape is called "Netscape Navigator" or "Netscape Communicator". Netscape is the name of the company and Navigator is the product name, however since the first day, people call it "Netscape". This is different for Microsoft Internet Explorer, people call it "Explorer" or "Internet Explorer" or "I.E."

There are many other differences:
* An application runs under many different platform.
* Great cross-platform support.
* Free product.
* Clear bug fixes between each different versions.
* Gain its popularity by easy-to-use and good multimedia support.

* Part of operating system (Windows), integrated into Windows.
* Many features are limited to Windows only.
* Free and compulsory product with Windows you got (integrated into Windows OS).
* Bug fixes by downloading each components, fixes can't be easily told by simply inspecting version.
* Gain its market share by integrating into (the near monopoly) operating system.
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