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Root Certificate Expiration?
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Problem: Root Certificate Expired
Please note, this is not an y2k bug, however it happened to be expired on 31 December, 1999.

If you are using old version of Netscape (4.05 and earlier), you might see the certificate expiration dialogue box when you connect to secure web site. And the dialogue box will continue to appear each time you access these secure websites.

When you see the warning dialogue box, you can ignore it, and continue to have the secure transaction as usual. All your information / transaction will be as safe and secure as they were before.

You can simply get rid of those by upgrading your browser to the latest version, or install a new certificate for your browser if you do not wish to upgrade your Netscape.

In addition, some versions of Communicator on certain platforms and operating systems (such as Macintosh or Windows) may experience uncertain behavior when trying to connect securely to websites. If you experience these problems you will need to upgrade your browser to the latest version.

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