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Common Netscape/Mozilla/SeaMonkey Profile for Linux and Windows

If you have dual boot between Microsoft Windows and Linux, and you want to share a single Netscape profile. You can follow the description in this article. (You will need to have some basic knowledge of Linux.) This article explains how to use one single (common/same) profile for Netscape 6/7, Mozilla or SeaMonkey under both Windows and Linux. It describes how to use a single Mail folder (account) and Bookmarks and Address Book when you are dual booting. This article also applies to Mozilla, although the exact path might be slightly different.

Using common/same profile for Mozilla/SeaMonkey Mail or Netscape Mail (6.x/7.x) in both Windows and Linux

(Using common Netscape/Mozilla mail for dual booting, this is recommended if you don't have IMAP account.)
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Step One, Install Netscape 6.x into Windows, and create a profile (or use existing one).
Note: you should store Netscape 6 profile in the harddisk partition where Linux can access to (with writing abaility).
Recommendation: you might want to back up entire Profile folder (and subfolder) except Cache.

Step Two, note down the profile location and the location mail folder is created/stored. You can find the default location of profiles here and find your Mail Folder from Netscape Mail/Mozilla Mail | View | Mail & Newsgroup Account Settings.

Step Three, install Netscape 7/Mozilla into Linux, and create a profile as well. It is recommended that you create a profile with the same profile name.
(You should have Windows partition mounted, so you can have read/write access to it.)

Step Four, From Netscape Mail 7.x or Mozilla Mail (Linux), from menu View | Mail & Newsgroup Account Settings | (your mail account) | Server Settings, change the Local directory setting to the mail directory of the Windows one (you recorded in Step Two).

Step Five, exit and restart Netscape.

Small issues:
* date and time might be a problem.
* ensure read and write on mounted partition for non-root users.

Using common/same bookmark and address book for Netscape 6.x/7.x under Windows and Linux

Step One: Under Linux, go to $HOME/.mozilla/default/salted_dir/ (or your profile name)

Step Two: delete the abook.mab and bookmarks.html

Step Three: create symbolic links (soft links) for above files.
ln -s /windows/d/mail/profile_name/salted_name/abook.mab abook.mab
Note: What we are doing here is to replace the actual files (abook.mab and bookmarks.html) with symbolic link of the file. You might also want to try the same method (symbolic link) with prefs.js, however, we don't recommend this.

Special thanks to Jubal John for composing this document.

If there are any mistakes or if you have any suggestions/ideas, please send me a feedback.

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