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Backing up Netscape Mail
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Can I archive email messages onto an external disk? Where do I find them on my hard drive?

Mail folders are text based files. You can copy them as you would any files. They can be opened with a text editor, which will display all messages, one after the other. The default path to the directory which contains your mail folder should be:

Netscape Communicator
C:\Program Files\Netscape\Users\profile_name\Mail

Netscape 6, Netscape 7
(Note: the location of Netscape 6 or 7 profile location is different by platform, please see Netscape 6/7 profile location for exact path location.)

Ignore files with an .snm extension; they are built as needed. Copy only the files that have no extension, such as INBOX. If you have subfolders, copy all files (except .snm extension) under subfolder.

If you ever need to view those files in Messenger again, they can be copied back to the MAIL directory. However, rename them first to avoid overwriting an existing folder (file) of the same name. For example, rename INBOX to OLDINBOX so the current INBOX folder isn't overwritten. Create a folder in Messenger for messages you want to save. Copy that folder to the back up. The folder (actually a text file) can be opened and viewed with a text editor.

To restore to Messenger, rename the file, then copy to the MAIL directory. The rename will prevent overwriting of a folder that has the same name.

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This Knowledge Base article is based on Netscape's Knowledge Base 19990623-5.
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